Corporal Of Air Force On Corruption In Nigerian Military

Chris [not his real name] is an officer with the Nigerian military. In his message, he details the level of corruption in the Nigerian military, warning that such negligence will surely backfire and have negative consequenses of state of security in our country.

Chris is a Corporal in the Nigerian Air Force, currently serving in Yola, Adamawa State. In his letter below he describes the reality he has to face every day and the losing fight the soldiers have to fight with the corruption in the Nigerian military.

“I write to seek help in exposing our corrupt senior officers. The corruption in the Nigerian military environs is higher than in the political sector. We lack relevant agencies to check the growing trend. The negligence and the nonchalant attitude regarding the welfare of lower ranks will soon spell doom on the security of the Nigerian state.

“In my unit, soldiers live without accommodation. In the little space available, they are being paired up two (2) and three (3) in a room.

“Still, millions are being spent on the gigantic edifice of the Airlodge located near Ribadu Square, Jimeta Yola, which is meant for senior officers. Millions are allocated to the ongoing project of the Air Chief Marshal A. S. Badeh’s golf club (along Jambutu Numan Road, Yola).

“I know that soldiers serving in 37 BSG and 75 STG, Yola (war zones), are not being paid their operational allowances. It is crystal clear to us that the funds are coming from the DHQ Abuja. But the money is diverted to the private pocket of few ‘chosen’ ones. Our colleagues in the Nigerian Army have to endure a similar fate.

“Now, let’s talk about operational efficiency. Nigerian military is too ill-equipped to combat the ravaging insurgency in the North. Forget about what the Defense spokesman is saying from Abuja. Here, it’s visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. In my unit here in Yola, despite the global technological progress, we are still using the Fabrique Nationale rifles that were used in the Biafran War! Meanwhile, the insurgents are carrying advanced weapons. They have light machine guns, new AK-47 rifles, general-purpose machine guns, to mention a few.

“It’s sad to know that, because of the same corruption in the Nigerian military, we don’t have rocket-propelled grenade launchers. All the armoured personnel carriers we use to defend our bases are outdated.  Of the two outdated Mi-35M helicopters, one has crashed, and the other one was fired at by the insurgents and grounded in Maiduguri.

“The operation of archaic fighter aircrafts such as Alpha jet and F-7 fighter jet is a waste of taxpayers’ money, ranging from fueling, to armouring it with heavy missiles that are being detonated in an unknown location (best known to the pilots.) I guess it’s a deliberate action by the pilots, or a directive from upper authority.

“Those who are interested in keeping corruption in the Nigerian military regularly embezzle funds at the detriment of ground troops and the Nigeria security state in general.

“Like I’ve said, the unchecked corruption in the Nigerian military and negligence of our leaders towards the well-being of personnel troops will soon have negative consequences on the state of security in Nigeria.”


  1. U have speak the truth.they have negleted the working class (the rank and file) out of thier pocket they do every work requre of them.especially the nigeria police police where corruption is the order of the day by the so call well .if the rank and file is sick or injure, he pay hospital bill by himself.but if an officer is sick,they will fly him abroad.may Allah help us.

  2. Na true talk we hv been suffering lik dis d lower rank re sufering go to kano nd see der airforce base if u didnt bribe u wil nt be givin a single room d work is turning up side down fuckin cadet wil pass out 2day wil be giv a ful acomodation while as an oder rank u wil be paired 4 in a single room whr d toilet nd bath room re lik 30 meters away frm ur ous de so caled comander re jst waitng 4 alcocation to com nd poket it den ntin wil apen to dem i jst pray one day d smal army wil take over d big army as our fader has said prophet T V joshua


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