Dayo D1 Adeneye Unhappy With Artistes Who Leave And ‘Betray’ Kennis Music Record Label

Dayo Adeneye aka D1 of Kennis Music fame has made his opinion known about artistes they groom who end up turning back to bite the fingers that fed them.

He lamented the pain and heightened level of discouragement label owners have to bear when artistes turn around to betray record labels that groomed them from being regular artistes into music stars.

In a recent interview, he said,

“Well, it can be a bit painful at times. Sometimes, it’s discouraging, I can’t lie to you. It is like watching a child you’ve raised. He goes through college, university; then gets married, somebody takes them off you. It can be saddening at times. But you have to let them go, if you love them. Most of them show appreciation. It can be annoying when they don’t appreciate and don’t remember where they were coming from. But we try to play it down.
“But sometimes it can be a big deal. Fame and fortune are very difficult to manage. Somebody that didn’t see N20,000 yesterday starts seeing N4 million per show, he’s going to quickly forget Kenny and D-One. But we thank God we still remain relevant in what we do. And we will continue to do what we do as long as we love it.”