Desmond Elliot Starts The Video Shooting Of A 300-episode TV Series In Nairobi

Veteran Nollywood actor and director Desmond Elliot, seems to be fitting in just perfectly to his new role as director.

The husband and father has started his shooting of a 300-episode TV series in Nairobi, Kenya featuring a host of Kenyan actors.

According to a Kenyan Newspaper, Desmond Elliot plays the part of an investor who has interest in working with country commissioner of a remote area in Kenya in the TV series, is currently working on the project in the African country.

Unfortunately, the commissioner, played by Gerald Langiri, is however popular for his corrupt and crooked ways and tides soon change as Elliot’s character falls in love with his niece, a young doctor in a county hospital.

The series, according to plans, will be aired on local channels in the country but with a 300-episode schedule, the TV series is expected to be among the most talked about shows on TV in Kenya in the next few months

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