Discharged Ebola Victims Are Not Harmful To The Society – Lagos Commissioner

Lagos State Commissioner for Special Duties, Dr. Wale Ahmed has explained the conditions for discharging victims of Ebola virus under quarantine.

Speaking at a press briefing yesterday, Ahmed said: “For Ebola victims to be discharged, they must have tested negative three consecutive times and other parameters considered.

“Ebola virus disease being a viral infection run their course and go like regular common cold, it is not as if it continues to reside in the body. Chances of re-infection may be possible but not that particular strain that has been cured.

“The reason why you have not seen some of the recovered patients coming out is because this case is still little misunderstood. Side stigmatization may accompany it; that’s why these people have not come out.

“As a matter of fact with the permission of the Governor we will actually bring them out and celebrate them for the people to see and know they are not dangerous.

“We have to do some counselling before we go ahead to present them publicly. EVD is not resident here but has reservoir in bats and corpses of somebody who died of it. That’s why we treat those corpses specially, so that it does not constitute any problem.


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