Does Chris Brown Have A Hand In Los Angeles Stabbing Incident?!?


It is always from one altercation to another for Chris Brown.

The R&B superstar doesn’t seem to learn his lesson or is it that he and trouble are soul mates.

Chris Brown has now been linked with a stabbing incident in the latest of demeanor that have something to do with him or his entourage.

The alleged stabbing took place at Supper club in Hollywood shortly after Chris Brown finished his set at a YMCMB Drake and Lil Wayne after-party on Monday, September 22, 2014.

The victim, whose name has not been released, was hospitalized but is expected to recover. Law enforcement sources said that no arrest was made because no one would give any information, but believe trouble follows the 25-year-old star and his friends.

One source revealed: ‘When Brown and his people show, we know what’s going to happen. It’s a headache for us.’

The Los Angeles Police Department privately met with nightclub owners and urged them to blacklist Chris, who has not been accused of instigating the violence, and his crew, but they reportedly plan to continue to welcome the ‘Turn Up The Music’ singer and his entourage with open arms, as they make a lot of money from his performances.

Another source previously claimed Chris, who spent 108 days behind bars for violating his probation when he allegedly made threats about using guns while seeking anger-management treatment in rehab earlier this year, and Drake’s club appearances and performances were under observation by a group of officers from the New York Police Department – known as the ‘Hip-Hop’ squad – in the wake a shooting at Chris’ party at the Oak nightclub in Los Angeles last month, in which three people, including music producer Suge Knight, were injured.