Ebola: NUT Asks Teachers To Ignore Sept. 22

Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has directed its members to ignore the 22nd of September, 2014 resumption date of primary and secondary schools in Nigeria announced by the federal government.

National President of NUT, Comrade Micheal Olukoya, gave the directive while briefing journalists in Abuja on Tuesday.

According to him, the teachers should only resume if the Federal Government sufficiently trained and provide them with necessary preventive and protective gadgets on Ebola virus.

“But where the federal government insists on the 22nd September, 2014, date in spite of the wise counsel, the union will rather direct teachers to resume schools whenever they are sufficiently trained and their schools have been provided with the necessary preventive and protective gadgets.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the teachers have this day, resolved to resume classes in obedience to the federal government directive, in states where teachers have been trained to handle any outbreak and all the required preventive and protective gadgets such as hand gloves, sanitizers, infra-red thermometers, running water and soaps have been provided as directed by federal government of Nigeria.

“In states where the training has not been done and necessary safeguarding gadgets not provided, teachers shall continue to remain at home until their state governments respond positively or the union directs them to the contrary”.

He noted that the dream of the union is to see all things put in place to protect the teachers and school children from being infected in the school.

“The NUT is strongly of the opinion that it is better to delay the resumption of school till 13th October, 2014, even when the scourge would have been off months ago than rush and open schools only to be faced with attacks of EVD in the schools.

“It makes more sense to be doubly sure than to operate on shaky grounds of uncertainty and probability as it will be catastrophe of unimaginable dimension if by any act of omission we rush and open schools and end up with even up with even one primary or secondary school being infected by the virus.

The union also threatened to shut down the education sector if the federal government scraps the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) because it is the only regulatory body for the practice of teaching in Nigeria from primary school to the tertiary institution.

“This attempt at scrapping TRCN shows clearly that the federal government does not care about the standard of teachers of Nigeria and the much sought-for professionalism of the teaching industry.

“The teachers of Nigeria are watching this development with keen interest with a view to returning to the trenches of 1992 and 1993 as they will not just fold their hands and watch the bastardisation of thief profession”.


  1. I’m 100% in support of NUT stand as such will not only ensure the safety of the students,but provides the much needed amenities in our dilapidated Schools.
    Now the Fed&states should collaborate in providing all the needed medical equipment&personnels to all the schools in this country otherwise schools even tertiary institutions should be shut down.


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