Fayose Promises To Probe Outgoing Fayemi Administration

Ayo Fayose-victoryThe Ekiti State Governor-elect, Ayo Fayose, has vowed to scrutinize any last minute bank transactions and appointments made by the outgoing administration of Dr. Kayode Fayemi.

Fayose alleged that Gov. Fayemi is making attempts to booby-trap his yet-to-be-inaugurated government with financial burdens.

He also warned banks not to engage in any illegal transactions with the state government if they do not want to face legal consequences.

“We are aware of last minute deals by the present government with spurious awards of contracts and payments made — this is unfair to our people. A transition committee is in place to work with the government (of Kayode Fayemi) for a smooth handover and also to monitor financial transactions that involve (his) government.

“Irregular expenditure and questionable financial transactions by the outgoing government should find no cooperation from commercial banks in Ekiti. Full legal action will be brought against bank found culpable of fraudulent financial dealings with the outgoing administration.

“Banks should continue to conduct government business with sincerity of purpose and compliance with the highest standards of banking integrity”, he said.

He added that the governor had embarked on employing people in the state without recourse to due process, saying he will look into the matter.

He also vowed that his government will not release funds to the newly created local council development areas.

“A government that sacked workers on spurious grounds has now turned round to employ thousands through the backdoor – this will be looked into.

“My position on the issue of purported LCDA creation is explicitly stated: they have no constitutional backing and will not be funded. While I am mindful that my mandate does not start until October 16th, I am also mindful of the potential time bombs being put in front of me”, Fayose stated.

The governor-elect, however, noted that he did not consider some of his opponents as enemies though they had unfairly criticised him.

He said, “We can’t fail to mention those who choose to denigrate us –we see them not as enemies but (as people who) spur (us) to greatness and humility. Not all opponents are enemies. Some are just too far from us to understand who we really are as humans.

“Those who however choose to deliberately misunderstand our position even when clearly stated are enemies of the collective good. Let me make this clear so that our opponents can hear: any landmine in my path as Gov-elect is a direct attack on our people in Ekiti State”.



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