Foluke Daramola Opens Up In Recent Interview

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Popular Plus-sized and busty Yoruba actress, Foluke Daramola has made her fashion statement known during a recent interview.


The beautiful Yoruba actress who made it known in a previous interview that her husband can have another wife if he so wishes has taken time out in a new interview with Punch, revealing her beauty tips, why she stopped exposing her cleavage and many more.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

  •  What influences your style?

I would say it is my mood and my comfort. I cannot wear leggings because it is in vogue, it would not look nice on me and if I have to wear one, I would have to wear a big shirt on it.

  • Why were you fond of exposing your cleavage in the early stage of your career?

I was a teenager when I started acting. It started even before I got into the university. I had youthful exuberance and I was ready to explore life. At the end of the day, I guess I am more mature now and I believe that beauty is not in what you expose but in how you look. Beauty is about carrying oneself with poise.

  • At what point did you decide to change your style of dressing?

I wouldn’t say it happened at a particular time. It was when I was growing older, I just told myself that I was getting older and there was no need for me to expose my body. Also, when I started having kids, especially my daughter since I am her biggest role model; I stopped because. I have to carry myself in a way that I would want her to present herself in future.

  • As a busty lady, was there a time in your life you wished you did not have big boobs?

Of course, when I was much younger in secondary school, I used to wear both singlet and bra just to compress my boobs but later when people started admiring me, I grew to appreciate my bust and I began to see it as an asset rather than a burden. But when I was in secondary school, I used to be so conscious of it and I tried all I could to hide it. When I finished secondary school, I became aware of myself and I began to wear skimpy clothes till I got into the university and people told me that if I continued to wear skimpy clothes, lecturers would ask me out and I would make myself vulnerable, so I started wearing big shirts. Over time I grew to appreciate myself and love myself the way I am.

  • Was there any time you wished you were taller?

Yes especially when I look at tall ladies, I feel they look so nice. When they dress, clothes look very good on tall ladies.

  • As a light-complexioned lady, how have you been able to maintain your skin despite the harsh weather?

There was a time bloggers were ‘yabbing’ me that I bleached my skin. When I went into my first marriage, I had a lot of challenges and because of that, I was not able to take care of my skin. I have never been a dark-complexioned person, neither have I been extremely fair. One thing about me is that I don’t like using harsh substance on my skin. Since I was about 10 years old, I would always have my bath in the morning and in the evening, I don’t miss it. I also use natural substances on my body like honey which I use to steam my face, ‘ori’ (shea butter) for my hair and whatever cream I use; baby oil has to be included. I like to look as natural as possible, I don’t like looking too artificial and that is why you can never find a tattoo on me. Whenever I use a cream and see that it is making my skin too fair, I stop using it and allow my skin to rest. I don’t like make-up so I allow my skin to breathe. When I was younger, I hardly used harsh substance on my skin. I have always been a tomboy.

  • What is your fashion weakness?

It is perfume and wristwatches. I am a sucker for any great fragrance. I am not too particular about brand names although I love them and I love body mist. For my wristwatch, I have a weakness for Michael Korrs. I have about 15 of them even though I have other brands too. One thing you would always find on me is my wristwatch and perfume.

  • How many wristwatches do you have?

Right now because I buy and give out, I think I have about 40 wristwatches while I have lost count of my perfume but it cannot be less than 60.

  • Some people believe that the more expensive the product, the more fashionable it is. Do you agree with that?

I think it is a Nigerian factor; it does not have to be expensive for it to be good.

  • What would you never be seen wearing?

You will never see me wear a short skirt or a micro mini skirt; even though my husband really loves my legs. Because of my rape experience, I have phobia for mini skirts. I was wearing a mini-skirt then.

  • What is the fashion item you always admire on your husband?

A short sleeved native attire with a Michael Korrs suede blue wristwatch and his chain. He has this cap he wears that turns me on and his cologne drives me wild. When he is in that outfit, I smile to myself saying, ‘that is my man.

It would be recalled that just recently, Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola and her husband, Kayode Salako who recently celebrated their one year wedding anniversary in a bid to show love to themselves took some photos, one of which went viral because he was touching her boobs.

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