Fuji star, Saheed Osupa reportedly buys land for all his band members


Fuji star, Saheed Osupa reportedly bought a large parcel of land which he gifted to each of his band members who have been with him throughout his sojourn in music. According to City People, the four acre of land which is located in Ota, Ogun state was shared among the members last month. That’s so nice of him!


  1. That is great thing from a great Fuji Musician, and i think that this have never happened in Fuji Music Industry before. So King Dr. Saheed Osupa should be Celebrate for his Selfless attitude. Let wait to see if any Fuji Artist can emulate him. Kabiesi o Osupa Oba Orin!

  2. I always see you as top most musician in Nigeria and as professor across the globe.why shouldn’t u induct as professor. I wish you professor. And i endorsed mine

  3. hi everyone on here and i appreciate everyone that say the good and also who also say the other side but what everyone to know is that what ever you do or say in this world always wait for your reward….
    well glory be to GOD almighty and big thanks to my mum and dad because if not because of this that i mention i will never know who is KING DOCTOR SAHEED OSUPA AKOREDE……
    OLUFIMO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!STILL ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Big thanks to you the KING OF MUSIC and your music is kind of word i can say it make many people think of tomorrow and also believe in their self,your music a connection between 2lovers ,your music talk about nation and the whole world in general,your music make friend help each and never betray their self even though it happen but people hear the music and change to better …..your music are many things that i could even mention it all ……im using this kind opportunity to plead to the KING OF MUSIC and never look to what people in bad about him cause you also said it in your music that when you have not become anything people dont talk about you but now when you on the top of the world many people talk about either bad or good ….i love all your music and i do love all your stage performance all your band in general please you guys are doing a great job keep it up ALLAH IS WITH YOU….long life and many good things on earth to you KING OF MUSIC AND WE YOUR FANS …….


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