GhostWriter Shi Wisdom: ”Beyonce Did Not Write Any of Her Grammy Winning Songs/Records”

Beyonce and Shi Wisdom Stargist

Recently, songwriter Shi Wisdom, who has been responsible for several of rapper Drake’s most famous verses spoke out about allegedly being the female ghostwriter that sued the “Take Care” artist for unpaid work. During her interview, Wisdom also dropped some hints about fellow stars Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé and their use of ghostwriters.

Wisdom claims to not be the woman who sued Drake, and notes that she isn’t interested in whether he writes all of his own music or not, claiming that almost every artist in the industry is guilty of having help.

“To be honest with you, who cares if he doesn’t write his own stuff? It’s very evident that he’s an intelligent business person. Who in this industry writes their stuff all the time? I don’t know anybody who writes their stuff all the time that is a big artist, not one person. When you go into these meetings with these labels they tell you who is looking for songs, and it’s a bunch of people who you thought wrote their own songs,” she reveals.

When she says nobody, she really means it.

“Everybody has writers, everybody has a team of people to put it together. Some of these people do write some of their songs, but do you really believe that Nicki Minaj writes all of her songs, with no help? To be a songwriter on a song all you have to do is contribute one word. By the time the “R.I.P” record I did with Drake was finished, six writers including myself and him touched that song. That wasn’t the plan, but that’s what happens: Somebody comes in and says, ‘instead of saying ‘boy’ say ‘you.’”

“Now they’re a writer on the song, but that’s access. For the longest time Beyoncé didn’t write any of her records. I personally still don’t believe she’s written any of her records.”

Wisdom isn’t the first writer to point out that Queen Bey doesn’t write all of her own songs, Linda Perry accused the “Partition” songstress two months ago for stealing song credits.

However, implicating Minaj is sure to cause a stir, especially after her now infamous BET speech where she apparently dissed Iggy Azalea for using a ghostwriter.


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