GRAPHIC CONTENT: Staunch Fayose Supporter And Ex-NURTW Boss, Aderiye, Shot Dead In Ekiti

The political crisis in Ekiti State took a turn for the worse when a former Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers in the state, Omolafe Aderiye, was killed last night by four unknown gunmen in Ijigbo area of the state capital, Ado-Ekiti.

Aderiye, a staunch supporter of the Governor-elect, Mr. Ayo Fayose, was shot at close range in his office while eating with friends.

He died before medical attention could get to him.

The Chief Press Secretary to Fayose, Mr. Idowu Adelusi, confirmed the development last night.

He said, “It is true he was killed today arround 8:30p.m while he was with his friends. He was sprayed from his chest down with a pump action rifle.

“He took effective participation in the coordination of security arrangement during our last campaign. His death is very unfortunate”.

The Ekiti State Police command is yet to react to the killing.



Aderiye Omolafe


  • Whatever man sow shall he reap. He who kill by sword must surely die by sword. This should be a lesson for all political touts and tugs. There is nothing to gain out of violence and aggression.
    There are many questions to ask these animals in human skin. Is there really something to gain in violence when the chips are down? Are the politicians worth dying for? Who reap the benefits when they eventually win? Can they ask their children to join in the violence? Where are their own children? etc.
    Politicians are all the same: liars, deceitful, thieves, looters, vindicative, wasters and self seeking comfort and exploiters. They hardly deliver all their campaign promises.
    Therefore those who are gullible minded believe and follow them. Lack of educationand home training, purposeless life, drug addiction, broken homes, reckless politicians, general laxity in our society, poverty, unemployment and very poor socioeconomic strata in the country are causes of all these evils.
    Fayose is already showing the stuff he is made of. Ekiti state should expect a lot of violence during his tenure. His group went to an extent of beating up a judge and distrupting election tribunal. If he actually won with foul play, he should have allowed justice to hold. Afterall it is not the same judge that will handle it in the appeal and at the supreme courts.
    Ekiti state is already in the game of violence just as it was during Akala’s tenure in Oyo state. Good luck.

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