This is one of the craziest drug smuggling cases I’ve ever heard. Two inmates from Bibb County, Georgia, by the names of Nekoase Antwan Vinson (pictured on the left), 30, and Henry Ison Rouse (pictured right), 27, were given the opportunity to attend their grandmother’s funeral in Macon, but when the men were sent back to jail, prison guards found numerous drugs on them.

The two men told prison guards they took the drugs from their grandmother’s casket, and ordered one of their family members to place the contraband inside the casket before they arrived. Nekoase  

Antwan Vinson and Henry Ison Rouse are now facing bringing contraband to jail and marijuana possession charges, according to The Telegraph.

During the funeral services the men were able to collect marijuana and other drugs that were skillfully place inside the casket of 74-year-old Emma Mae Faulk. Police immediately took the hidden drugs that were placed in the casket by another family member. According to investigators, when both men were left alone to grieve their grandmother, they quickly took the narcotics out of her casket.

David Davis, the Bibb County Sheriff was extremely disgusted by the desperate act of these two men. David Davis stated, “This incident illustrates the audacity of this generation of jail inmates. To use the body of a deceased grandmother to hide drugs and other contraband is wicked.”

When Nekoase Antwan Vinson and Henry Ison Rouse were taken back to jail, the drugs surfaced during a routine search, along with a cell phone, lighter, and tobacco.

According to authorities, both inmates were already facing numerous charges before this incident occurred. Nekoase Antwan Vinson had been locked up since late July for an undisclosed FBI-related criminal incident. Henry Ison Rouse was thrown in jail on the 4th of July and his rap sheet includes obstruction, street gang activities, and drug charges.