Insurgency: No One’s Safe, Not Even Jonathan – Balarabe Musa

Balarabe Musa-GEJSecond Republic Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa, has said that for the 2015 general elections to be fair, free and credible, the masses should be ready to embark on what he described as peaceful revolution that could usher in leaders the people de­served.

Musa, who is the National Chairman of deregistered Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), added that since the country’s political system had been hijacked by money bags, the hope of the masses getting credible lead­ers through their voting power would be almost impossible.

The PRP leader listed moral, social, coup plotting, and constitutional types of revolu­tions Nigerians should choose from to en­sure the enthronement of credible leadership in the country come 2015.

The former governor, who was fielding questions from newsmen at the weekend shortly after meeting with mem­bers of the National Executive Committee of the party to find alternative political strate­gies following its deregistration by Independent National Electoral Commis­sion (INEC), said PRP would continue to fight for the cause of the masses.

He also decried the state of insecurity in the country, stressing that nobody in the country, including President Goodluck Jona­than is safe in the present circumstance.

Balarabe Musa said, “I know Nigeria’s situation, it is impossible to have free, fair, credible and transparent election leading to democratic mandate. We need a revolution, we need peaceful democratic revolution or otherwise to bring about the condition that will bring about free, fair, credible and trans­parent election that will lead to legitimate leadership. Let us be objective; elections to­day are decided by three factors; first, money power, second, incumbency, and now we are facing the third one, balance of terror, that was how elections were decided in Ekiti and Osun States. The ruling party, PDP can do and undo with the peoples votes. So revolu­tion is the answer whether peaceful or other­wise.

“There are three types of revolution, I can tell you. First, there is moral revolution, where Nigerians decide to have free, fair and trans­parent election and protect their votes. But is it possible in Nigeria? Can you use moral persua­sion to change things in Nigeria? The second one is constitutional, let the National Assem­bly enact laws that can lead to this. But can the National Assembly do it? The third possibility is a plotting of a coup, we don’t want it as a people, but is it impossible? The fourth one is the real one which is social revolution.  People in Nigeria should stand to protect their rights in a revolution. It had happened in other coun­tries, and Nigeria is not unique. What is unique in Nigeria that we will say what happened in other countries cannot happen here. We made that stupid position in 1966, where nobody thought of a coup, everybody said, no, coup was not possible in Nigeria. But coup came in 1966, what did we do? Now people are say­ing that because of the money power of these political parties, we cannot have free and fair elections. We say no, people can change their positions.

“State of the nation is all about nega­tivity. However, one thing that is impor­tant today is that we still have one Ni­geria despite negative things happening to it and the citizens. Many things are wrong in our political system, and it is not possible to change the government even in a free and fair election because of money bags who use whatever they can to be declared winners in the elections.

“In elections like the National As­sembly, Governorship and even the Presidency, the elections are decided by money bags, and also incumbency fac­tors prevail in these elections. The role of money bags, for instance, will force Lo­cal government chairmen to do anything to retain powers.

“Besides the state of the nation, in­security in the country is so much that anything can happen to anybody even the President himself is not safe, after four months nobody, even the govern­ment can tell us the true position of the abducted Chibok girls

“Whether PRP is deregistered or not, it remains a movement, whether we can contest election or not, PRP remains a movement. We want to change Nigeria for the better, whether we are political party or not. So those who don’t want to see PRP exist are wasting their times.

“In the first place, INEC has no power to ban any party. We are exercising our fundamental human rights as Nigerians. Do you expect me as Balarabe to call a meeting of PDP or APC; I can only call a meeting of like-minds, whether under PRP or as assembly of Nigerians of like-minds.

“Do you know that Fresh Democratic Party (FDP) went to the Federal High Court over its deregistration and the court declared the deregistration null and void as well as unconstitutional”.