Malaysian women’s underwear thief fined $945



KAMPAR, Malaysia, Sept. 8 (UPI) — A Malaysian panty thief who admitted to possession of stolen women’s undergarments was fined by a magistrate.

M. Nagenthiran, 28, who was originally charged with intrusion, was fined RM3,000 ($945) as part of a plea deal when he admitted to dishonest possession of seven bras, a pair of panties and a T-shirt.

Magistrate Mohamad Ibrahim Mohamad Ghulam heard Nagenthiran was arrested outside of his home Sept. 3 when police spotted him acting suspiciously around 3 a.m. A search revealed clothing items reported stolen by a 41-year-old Malim Nawar woman whose clothesline was found ransacked inside her home’s bathroom Aug. 9.

Nagenthiran, who faces jail if he does not pay the fines, asked the court to lower his fees because he needs to take care of his mother and a sister with disabilities.

“I promise not to repeat the offence again. I ask for forgiveness,” he said.


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