Mariah Carey Not Doing Well Since Separating From Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are apart, but they are technically still married as the divorce papers have yet to be settled, according to International Business Times on Friday. Mariah, according to sources for the report, is not dealing well with the situation at present. In fact, it is predicted that she may be going to rehabilitation soon over her issues with husband Nick.

Mariah is having an

extremely difficult time, OK Magazine is reporting. The magazine went as far as saying that she is a total emotional mess according to the singing sensation’s friends and family. It is common knowledge at this point that Carey, 45, and Cannon, 33, are in a marriage that has imploded. As a result, Mariah – the mother of 3-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe – is said to be in a fragile emotional state in which she is barely finding the strength to care for the couple’s kids.

An inside source says that Mariah is falling apart and totally on edge. Basically, it is being reported by the source, she feels like a failure over the marriage situation. Case in point is Carey’s behavior in Orlando, Florida, where she took a vacation to Walt Disney World with the twins. She vacationed while her husband moved his belongings out of their New York City apartment. A witness claims that Mariah did not seem like she was in any condition to speak to anyone while she was spotted out and about at Walt Disney World with her bodyguards, the kids’ nannies, and twins.

She was described as being pale and puffy with her hair looking like a mess. Additionally, it appeared as though she was leaving the duties of caring for the kids totally to the nannies. It was suggested that the photo postings of a happy mom with the kids on social media – Instagram – is no more than a front to cover up the real pain that she’s going through.

Yet, as the rumors of the impending divorce and Carey’s misery over the situation continue, she is continually keeping quiet. Much like Beyonce did when the rumors of marital problems ignited about her and Jay-Z, Carey is using social media to pass the time as she posts the questionably happy-time photos. Daily mail reported on Saturday evening that Carey posted a cutesy photo of her daughter Monroe helping her with her makeup. She captioned the photo to read: “Ms. Monroe begins her cosmetology.” There was no sign of twin brother Moroccan in the photo – or Nick, naturally.

In spite of it all, Carey is also posting photos of herself busy at work. Those photos simply say “Rehearsing.” She is reportedly preparing for her tour which will begin in Japan next month. The tour is to be called “Elusive Chanteuse Tour.”

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