Marriage between a King and a White Woman Creates Tension in Agbor kingdom, Delta State

According to Leadership Newspaper, the Agbor kingdom in Delta state is currently in a state of confusion after their 37 year old King, the Dein of Agbor, Benjamin Ikechukwu Kiagborekuzi I, secretly married a white woman, a decision said to be unacceptable by his people who expected him to marry an Agbor woman.
The Dein who was crowned King when he was just two and a half years old in 1979 following the death of his father, had all his education abroad. He returned to Nigeria in 2001 after completing all his studies to assume the throne as king and has been ruling his kingdom since without a Queen.
Looks like he found love while he was abroad and decided to settle down with her. Continue…


A highly respected palace Chief, Alika (surname withheld) told Leadership newspapers that the ruling palace council had insisted that he gets married to a Nigerian woman from Agbor kingdom according to the tradition but appears their king called their bluff and married the white woman, a decision seen as a taboo.


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