Modesty? Kim Kardashian wears low-cut top then makes fan delete pic for being too revealing

Kim_Kardashian_and_her_huOne would think that by wearing a low-cut top, Kim Kardashian won’t be worried about modesty but alas Kim requested one fan to delete and retake a photo with her due to its revealing nature.

‘Once she found out I wanted to put one on Instagram, she just wanted to make sure that it was appropriate,’ Daniel Walker, 16, told Daily Mail Australia.

‘She said, “would you mind if I quickly looked at it, just if it’s going on Instagram I want to make sure that nothing is too revealing”.’

After checking the picture, ‘She said, “I don’t know if I really like that” and I said “ya that’s fine” so then we took another one.

‘She asked one of her entourage to take it.

‘She said to us, “it’s really nice that you guys are so chilled.”

‘Another fan also narrates his experience, ‘Kanye and Kim came into the store randomly. It was unexpected. They were really chill and really nice.

‘Kanye is my idol. I shook his hand and he was really chilled,’ he said.




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