Must Read – What Good Is it to Gain the World but to Lose Your Soul-Mate

article-2014823811520242722000At some point in your marriage, if you grow together in spirit, soul, and body, you realize there’s no point in gaining the whole world but losing your soul-mate.

To gain the career but to lose your companion and best friend.

To gain the dream home but to lose your dreams as a couple.

To gain influence and power with VIP’s but to lose the most important people in your life.

The world has a lot to offer in terms of being successful, but is success really worth failing at love and family?

My husband and I are no strangers to working 60+ hours a week, to spending 3 to 4 days a week at church or doing ministry in the community. We have big dreams and a sure purpose on our lives, individually and collectively. Nevertheless, I don’t want my marriage to die a slow death because we forgot to be husband and wife. Neither do I want our daughter to feel that our jobs are more important than she is. Our top priority has to be growing as a couple and family. So that might mean cutting out some plans or saying no to great opportunities.

Because when the cell phone, the computer, the business, or even the church turns into a companion instead of your actual spouse, something is seriously wrong. You chip away at the soul of your marriage every time you neglect each other for worldly success.

I know from experience that this can happen. You can get caught up in the moment, in the opportunity that seems too good to turn down. But what if you get the business deal or high profile speaking engagement only to come home to a loveless, sexless, soul-less marriage? What’s the selling price for your soul-mate?

Now this doesn’t mean to halt your plans or to stop dreaming big. It just means to dream bigger for your marriage and to value it more than you value worldly success. Ask yourself: who and what comes first? The material items, the career, and the fame, those things are temporary. However, your soul-mate should last forever, and the love you share should be until death do you part. There’s no job and no amount of money worth the companionship of your soul-mate.



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