Nigeria Has Not Yet Come To Terms With Boko Haram’s Plans – Ihejirika

Former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Azubuike Ihejirika, said, weekend, that the nation was yet to come to terms with the fact that Boko Haram and its sponsors are out to bring down Nigeria.

Ihejirika pointed out that this is why citizens were buying into what he called the fourth dimensional media warfare being waged in support of the insurgency.

Speaking at the quarterly re-union of the 18th Regular Course Alumni in Abuja, Ihejirika, apparently reacting to the allegation of an Australian, Stephen Davies, said, “I want say it here that there is no reason whatsoever for me to be angry. I will however say that from the happenings in the country, it is obvious that we are yet to come to terms with the magnitude of the terrorists plot to bring down our nation and utterances like that only serve to assist them in their bid to bring down this democracy”.

He went on: “While I am not saying that sanctions or actions should not be taken against those who want to bring this nation down by engaging in acts inimical to its unity and existence, I am saying that the media should not allow itself to be deceived by those who see the fourth dimensional front of using the media as the way to achieve their objectives.

“When this issue came up, I was wondering, but, today, I find myself having to give myself the same advice I have always given Nigeria over and over again, and that is that I will not join others in overheating the polity because they don’t know the implications of that on the peace and security of the country.

“What I know and want to assure the country is that the current Boko Haram challenge is one problem we will overcome and hopefully the country will grow stronger after it”.

“When in 2011, at the annual Chief of the Army Conference, I spoke about the Boko Haram terrorism and said that the nation was at war, my comments were not easily appreciated. Many people in government including some of my colleagues said these were just some people fighting for recognition and the issue will not take time to resolve.

“But I must thank President Goodluck Jonathan who understood the message and approved several steps that we took which, if they had not been taken, would have caused us greater danger today. The anti-terrorism dog centre is one, the establishment of the Counter Terrorism Centre in Kotangora is one, and the establishment of the Civil /Military Affairs Department at Army headquarters is another”. [Vanguard]



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