Nigeria‘ll Not Survive A Jonathan Second Term – Sen. Zanna

ahmed zannaSenator representing Borno Central, Ahmed Zanna, has condemned the Federal Government’s inability to rescue the Chibok schoolgirls, five months after they were abducted by Boko Haram, saying President Goodluck Jonathan has not made any effort to see to the safe return of the girls.

Furthermore, Senator Zanna warned that any attempt to re-elect Jonathan for a second term will lead to total collapse of the country, describing the present government as the most irresponsible, not only in the history of Nigeria but in Africa.

Speaking while addressing members of the BringBackOurGirls (BBOG) campaign at their daily sit-out venue in Abuja, yesterday, the senator said insurgency will spread to other zones of the country if left unchecked.

According to him: “If care is not taken, this thing will continue, it will not end in Borno, Yobe or the Northeast, according to my own analysis, it will continue beyond, it is just a matter of time and if Nigerians make the mistake of brining this government back, I am afraid, we are not going to survive in this country, the truth must be told because what I am seeing, maybe some of you don’t see.

“Today according to my own investigation, an Emir is being installed in Bama, what will be their mission again? They are trying to attack Maiduguri and all these intelligence are being relayed to the intelligence headquarters, if they don’t take action, then it is their own problem, their own fault not ours, any information we get, we relate.

“If the world has a conscience they must come to the rescue of Nigerians, we are in a very deep trouble, this is not only affecting Muslims but including Christians and those who don’t have religion. What they are after is just to destroy Nigeria and they are using Boko Haram to do it, what was Boko Haram three years ago?” he asked.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Senator from Borno State further said, “In the history of Nigeria, we have never had a more irresponsible government like the one we have now, when this incident happened they played politics first before action, I have never seen any action been taken by the government on this girls, they have never ever taken any action.

“I did my own investigations and whenever I say anything, it will be the truth and nothing but the truth, I don’t know where we are going to place this government in the history of Nigeria or Africa, if they say that the bring back our girls are from the opposition, I am not from the opposition, I am a PDP senator, to me party is secondary, if my party is not doing the right thing, I will come out and say it.

“They did not take it lightly, they went and ransacked my house and brought out my family unto the street and humiliated them and not stopping there, they went and arrested the boy they claimed was a high profile Boko Haram commander in their mentors house, that is Sheriffs house but they came out to claim that he was arrested in my house. I came out and told them that they are lying and till today they cannot prove that they arrested that man in my house.

“They can go to any length, their morale is very low, so they can do anything to destroy anybody, anybody who is ready to destroy a society will not stop at anything like an individual but we are ready for it, and without sacrifice you will never mend the wrongs of others”.

Also speaking in the same vein, another Senator representing Borno North, Ali Ndume said, “I want to tell you that we in the National assembly and particularly I can speak for myself and Zanna, we would do our best and we are open to your suggestions and criticism because we believe that this your cause is because you only want the girls back and alive.

“The National Assembly especially the members from the North East, we are trying to stay away because one of the things that is now common with the government is to say that anything that one does is opposition sponsored, this government is so allergic to criticism that anything you do is opposition.

“Why we came here today is to join you in pushing and making the government to bring back our girls now and alive. We are with you. People of Borno generally, Chibok and the Northeast are with you in this, we are trying to come and learn from you, we want to do something like save our state or save our people and we will also sit until they save our states in the Northeast because we no longer have states. Apart from us, there are so many internally displaced persons from Chibok, Gwoza, Bama and lots more who want to join your campaign.

“Yesterday some girls were abducted from Bama, I want to say now, that you should include that government should bring back all the girls and not just the Chibok girls, while the government has not brought back those girls, more are being abducted.

“As I said this government is allergic to the truth and allergic to criticism, because if you know somebody’s problems then you will know how to handle him, please handle this allergic government with care so that it doesn’t distort what we are trying to achieve.

“I want to believe that this government will at last, after they do the right thing and rescue these girls, they should thank you for that, the government should be able to come and say, ‘ok come here we have brought back your girls, thank you very much for reminding us to bring back the girls who are also our girls’”, he said.