‘Our sons defile us on a daily basis’ – Imo Christian mothers cry out


Christian Mothers in Mgbishii, a rural community in Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area in Imo state have cried out to the government and the Catholic Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiatical Province, Dr. Anthony Obinna, over alleged atrocities being committed by their sons and daughters in the area.

According to Vanguard, the women made this appeal during a recent visit to the Catholic Archbishop at the Maria Assumpta Catholic Cathedral in Owerri.

“We are raped and molested by our own children. You cannot come to Mgbuishii and return home safely because of the crime rate” the women said. Continue…

According to the women, they have complained to the state government and other security agents over the high rate of crime being committed by their children but all their complaints have not been answered.

“We are angry because government is not looking at our direction at all. We have been completely abandoned for years. Now we have no good roads, no electricity, no market, nothing is going on in our place. To make things worse, we are now suffering from insecurity” they said

The women decried the lack of police presence within their community. They say their sons have become so wayward that they beat up any police man who tries to intervene during any criminal activity within the community.

“Each time we report cases to the police and they manage to send their men at all, the criminals beat them(policemen) up because they (criminals) parade more sophisticated weapons than what the policemen have. We needed police escort to get here (Maria Assumpta Cathedral) and we will also need them to go back home” they said

The women also said they are thinking of relocating from their villages to safer places in Rivers state. They say even the catholic priest in their community is also threatening to leave their community
“Even the Reverend Father in our place is complaining and threatening to go away. About two weeks ago, some reverend sisters visited our place and were waylaid on the road and robbed. We have a lot of problems and that is why the women have come to complain to the Archbishop, who is our father in the lord” they said
The Archbishop after listening to all their complains prayed for the women.


  • Is this not the same state the governor is sending N1million monthly to APC and paraded himself as the best governor east of the niger. its very shameful.

  • Gov okorocha is a deceit. He is a cheat. He neglected the imo people who ellected him and instead worked against them by favouring outsiders. He is a wolf in sheepskin. He also intends to use the igbos to get abuja job,then to hugely humilliate them severally,all for the sole purpose of advancing his personal wealth. His partner in crime is orji uzor kalu. 0korocha together with orji uzor kalu,bundled many igbo young men to abuja national mosque,saying they have converted to islam and the men were given some millions of naira with which to upgrade their lives,as if conversion of igbos to islam was one of okorocha’s duty to imo people as a governor.Igbos should beware of these two men. Okorocha’s true being is realy unfolding with speed. Okorocha used Apga platform to clinch the governoship of imo state,he selfishly dished the party and started taunting the national chairman of the party. He is an ungrateful man. His numerous sins will continue to found him out.

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