Our Sources Of Strength Tearing Us Part, Kalu Laments

orji uzor kaluA former governor of Abia state, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu has said Nigeria is still living in the past.

Speaking on Wednesday in Abuja at the inaugural conference organized by the Association of Communication Scholars and Professionals of Nigeria (ACSPN), the ex-governor observed that what others use to advance their countries, has become an albatross to Nigeria.

He, however, urged communication scholars and professionals to chart a way forward.

Kalu, who was represented by the Managing Director of Telegraph Newspaper, Eric Osagie said: “the rest of the world has gone ahead in science, in technology, in conquering new vistas and realms, but Nigeria, sadly is still marooned in an inglorious past.

“Multiculturalism, which the rest of the world has turned to strength, is a curse to Nigeria. Diversity has become a bitter pill, which the country is constantly forced to swallow when the rest of the world has used the same as a launch pad into greater realms”.

The former governor added: “Today, almost everything has become centrifugal force in Nigeria. Language divided us, religion tears us apart, culture renders us asunder. Yet, these could be sources of strength and cohesion”.

He added that “They could be the centripetal influences that could help us forge a true nation-state, a land where no man is oppressed, where there are no fears of ethnic domination or suppression, and where peace and justice truly reign”.

Kalu urged stakeholders in communication to proffer solutions to the problems tearing the nation apart.

“Please use the couple of days ahead to brainstorm on the problems facing our country, and how communication can be used to solve them. You are the scholars and professionals. Please prescribe antidotes to hate, malice, fear and suspicion dogging the footsteps of our country, using the instrumentality of communication.

“Please chart the course for us, shine the light, and let the people find the way. Lead us out of the morass in which we are as a country, and plant our feet on the rock to stay”, Kalu said.


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