P-Square: “Fans are demanding we collaborate with Usher”

The P-Square brothers recently thrilled their fans when they dropped the collaboration with American rapper, T.I on their 6th album ‘Double Trouble’.

Apparently, they claim that some of their fans are still insisting that they feature Usher on a track.

In a recent interview with TVC, Peter said: ‘We do give our fans what they want. And they are demanding for us to do something with Usher.’

The duo also pleaded with fans to disregard reports of that they are parting ways while refuting such claims and insiting they only had a misunderstanding after a family issue came up between them

‘It has made us to bond stronger and we are sorry for what this has done to our fans, said Peter.

‘We are human and such is bound to happen. We fight and make-up, just like every other person too,’ added Paul.

The P-Square’s newly-released 6th album, Double Trouble contains 16 songs and two bonus tracks.