Photos: Nigerian troops celebrate after killing hundreds of Boko Haram men in Konduga

Nigerian troops this morning September 17th successfully crushed another attempt by Boko Haram members who were on a revenge mission to Konduga, in Borno State. According to a statement by Defence HQ, 3 Hilux vehicles, 1 Amoured Personnel Carrier and a cache of arms and ammunition were captured by the troops. Hundreds of the militants were said to have been killed. Troops are now combing the vicinity, in a cordon and search operation to determine the heavy casualties suffered by the terrorists in the encounter. See pics of the captured weapons armored tanks.



  1. Yeah yeah dats my gallant men, am so hpy to hear dis gd news. Dis news will motivate more of our soldiers whom dere morals re low. Wanna use dis medium to plead for d Army Authority to temper justice with mercy with d Mutiny convicted soldiers. I want d COAS to use his office to pardon dem nd give dem a lighter punishment. So dat d BH will not record victory over dere death. All d same weldone to our able gallant brave Men who captured dose tanks nd Guns. Army Sniper


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