Poor Cripple Is Forced To Be A Beggar

Some people are born with disabilities. Some – become cripples because of some diseases and accidents.  But some people can make some money from being a cripple.  Poor Lawal Mohammed lives in one city but goes to another every day to work as a beggar.


Yes, nowadays some people can make a good living from being a beggar. Niger Delta Voice interviewed one beggar in Ughelli, Delta State. His name is Lawal Mohammed. He is from Kaduna state. He was born a cripple. His parents did their best to raise him and make him walk but failed. Probably because of poverty.  He went to school and Government College, Bida, Niger State. Mohammed has five credits in English, Islam Religion, Mathematics, History and Geography.

But he decided to become a beggar when he understood that he should take care of his old parents:

I became a beggar when it became obvious that I have to care for my parents and sibling, being the first child of a family of two. So I have been a beggar for over 14 years now.

He also has a wife and three kids whom he can barely provide with 2 meals a day. But his kids go to school and he dreams they will get high education too. They live with his wife in Kaduna.

“it is my wish to give them good education with the help of God, who is the giver of all things.” – says man. And added:

I need government to assist me with scholarship so that I can proceed to the university or polytechnic to acquire tertiary education or fix me up with a job in the civil service.

But as for now a poor man comes to Ughelli from Warri every day. Mohammed says people always help him with transportation.

The National Bureau of Statistics said more than 60% of Nigerians in 2013 were living in “absolute poverty” – this figure had risen from 54.7% in 2004.