Presidential Primary: APC Rules Out Zoning

APC-ChieftainsThe All Progressive Congress (APC) on Thursday said that to ensure only the best candidate flies the party’s flag in the 2015 presidential election, it has decided to throw the contest open to all interested members of the party across the country.

National Chairman of the Party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun made this known while speaking with Journalists after its NEC meeting in Abuja, pointing out that the party was excited over the level of interest generated by those wishing to compete for the party’s presidential ticket.

According to him, “As far as the party is concerned, the more, the merrier because, they help in the process of membership mobilization, particularly when they are from different parts of the country.

“We have not put any geographical barriers as to who becomes our presidential candidate. We hope to seize the political space when the candidates come out and this will happen almost weekly from now”.

Mr. Oyegun insisted that there was no plan to adopt zoning for its presidential contest, adding that it is left for Nigerians to decide where their votes will go during next year’s general election.

“No we are not zoning we want the best to come from every part of the country. The person who puts food on your table is your brother while the person who is depriving you of food, you will not just say because he is your brother that you will keep voting for him”, he said.

While acknowledging the ongoing legal tussle by the sacked deputy governor of Adamawa State, Barrister James Ngilari, who is claiming the right to occupy the office of the governor of the state, Oyegun said that the party was ready for the Adamawa governorship by-election.

He said “The by-election may or may not hold due to the legal tussle. The PDP Nationwide has become so frightened about the opposition that it is hanging on any single straw it can lay hands on. I won’t be surprised that PDP may be hanging on the possibility that the court might even award judgment in favour of the deputy governor”.


  • It is bcoz they lack pple of integrity,and the Nec wnts to make moni frm d form.they are nt a democrat.why do they zone Lagos governoship,my brother dnt be deceived,Pdp may not be a good part bt,certainly is Apc an option.

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