Resembling Kim Kardashian Has Ruined My Career! – Model,Milana Aslani

Kim Kardashian lookalike Milana Aslani believes that ­resembling the reality TV star has killed her career.

The model claims she would be more successful if she didn’t look like ”talentless kim”. Milana, 27, an ­aspiring reality TV star herself, looks like Kim, 33, and has a similar background – Armenian roots and wealthy parents in Los Angeles.

Milana said:

“I do a lot fashion shoots, but I believe resembling Kim Kardashian has ruined my modeling and reality TV career“A lot of people in the public just generally look at her and think she doesn’t have any talent and she just sits there and looks pretty “She has a lot of fans, they love her style, they love her make-up, however there’s no talent behind her work and what she does and why she is who she is.”

Spookily, Milana was also pals with Kim’s sex-tape ex Ray-J around the same time the tape leaked online and many people thought she was the one in the video.



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