SCOAN Miracles Are Not Fake, Says TB Joshua

TB JoshuaFounder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B Joshua, has debunked allegations that the miracles that take place in his church are fake.

In the aftermath of a building collapse about two weeks ago in his church premises, which killed no fewer than 115 people, mostly visitors from South Africa, the controversial pastor has come under public scrutiny.

A South African journalist, Jacques Pauw, had alleged that Joshua’s widely publicized miracles were not genuine.

In his report he had said, “I challenged the pilgrims to provide me with medical proof that they had been healed. None did”.

In a statement released via SCOAN’s official Facebook page, Joshua claimed that all his miracles were performed before the church audience and beamed live to the world through the church’s Emmanuel TV.

“Please note, all of The SCOAN services are public and broadcast live on Emmanuel TV”, the statement read in part.

The popular televangelist was reacting to a media report concerning the authenticity of miracles performed in his churhc.

But, Joshua claimed that the media report was false. According to him, the names of the people who alleged that the pastor performed fake miracles are fabricated.

“The writer(s) fabricated names of people who do not exist and remained nameless and faceless in order to hide their evil intentions. They need to be investigated”, he said.

Joshua added, “It is our belief that these stories were intended to divert people’s attention from the evil that has been done”.

Expressing his displeasure over the report, he urged security operatives to investigate those behind it.

The SCOAN founder said, “Those involved in these stories need to be investigated concerning the building collapse. If they are not directly involved, they will help the investigation.

“If they are not the ones who did it, they know those who did. Perhaps, they were involved in the building collapse because they claim what is happening in The SCOAN is fake. They are suspect”.

The statement also urged members of the church and supporters not to be misled by the said report.

“Do not be misled and diverted from the truth. No matter how long a lie is sustained, the truth will someday prevail. Jesus is the Truth”, the statement urged.


  1. The work of God cannot be fustrated,the most criticised mouth piece of God prophet TBj,is a God sent to mankind;he is a coolant to the poor and needy,he help settle homes we need more of him in our environment Jehovah God will see him true IJN amen.

  2. as far as i’m concerned i’m one among millions that scoan and senior prophet tb Joshua has healed of my sickness and from poverty to affluence.take it or you leave it Joshua is God sent after all when Christ come he was crucified by his own people, all this can not be a surprise to a good believer.

  3. Our papa TB Joshua don,t worry the lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace .one day our heavenly father will bring them to the surface.your saviour is behind you keep burning the candle will never cease as you keep helping ,preaching proclaimed his awesome greatness that he pour on you in Jesus name

  4. Blind people who cannot see beyond their noses in fools paradise,swimming in the pool of falasy fantasy.
    Their common sense does not tell them that what they’re fed is nothing but pure magic and not miracles.

  5. It is shocking really to know how some known Nigerian citizens react in the collapse building of the SCOAN Guest House. They do not have any fear of what they are writing and saying in the media. I am from the Philippines and I have been blessed with what is happening in your country, in the SCOAN. The miracles, healing and deliverance taking place in the SCOAN impacted my life and the life of other people. I could say that the miracles, healing and deliverance taking place in SCOAN are not fake but real. the healing and miracles are done in public in the eyes of many people aired through the EMMANUEL T.V. all over the world. You are indeed blessed that God raised a prophet in your land to help you and to bless you through this ministry. T.B. Joshua is God sent and I agree that He is a Man of God. South Korean nationals honor servants of God in an amazing ways, learn how they respect and honors men and women of God and its no wonder why this nation is blessed. I met some Nigerians in the Netherlands many years back and they are good people. What actually happened in the book of ACTS is what is actually happening the SCOAN and maybe in other churches there in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Keep up prophet T.B. Joshua. God is with you in this trying times of your ministry to give you victory and comfort. We here in the Philippines are behind you praying for you and the church there in Nigeria. We love you and keep moving brother.

  6. I wonder why people could be so blind….i dont understand and what bran they have…miracles ,deliverance,healing are being done on live..and watch those people testimonies…these nigerian critics are so bad,,,people all over the world recognized nigerian through the ministry of tb joshua…I for one,had abad impression on nigeian before but since watching emmanuel tv,,,i found out that nigerian are beautiful people….I am very blessed by emmauel tv….my life has changed completely,,i learned alot,,my spiritual life has grown,,my attitude has changed,,,everything in me has changed…and im so grateful of tb joshua ministry…..PEOPLE WHO CRITICIZED TB JOSHUA ARE FOOLS IF NOT FROM THE DEVIL ……


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