See Who Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Replaces His Wife With On His Personal Website


Wow, na wa oh… time to waste for the light ski n pastor as it is back to business as usual. It’s been barely 3 days since Believers Loverworld, famously know as Christ Embassy expunged the profile of Anita Oyakhilome, the soon-to-be ex-wife of its founder, Pastor Chris Oyakilome from its website; but I’ve noticed that the pastor has also removed every information about his aggrieved wife from his personal website.

A quick check on the website (http://­www.pastorchrisonline­.org/), on Tuesday, shows that the profile of Anita who had already filed for divorce in a London court, on the grounds of ‘adultery’ and ‘unreasonable behaviour of her spouse had been totally removed and replaced with that of popular gospel singer, Sinach.

It would be recalled that Pastor Chris had in a speech on May 16, 2014 at a meeting with all UK Pastors and Deacons at Christ Embassy; Bermondsey addressed the controversy about the imminent separation from his wife.

Pastor Chris claims that his wife wants to claim ownership of the ministry he founded before getting married to her.

He said, “My wife thinks so, as a matter of fact, Rev. Tom was her pastor before I married her and Rev. Ray and Evang. Owase were her leaders long before I married her. How come she thinks she’s senior to them now?

“I already started Christ Embassy before I married her. I didn’t marry her and said we should start Christ Embassy. I was already pastoring. I already set my sail and knew my direction before I married her. I only said come and help me. Be careful of the friends you keep,” the controversial cleric added.


  1. Is pastor Chris a real man of God?wit all dis allegation and counter allegations,all he hav to say is dat,I married her b4 he startd his ministry,one plus one in d bible is one,no mathematicians ca change it,ur wife is a co~founder,it doesint matter wen u started pastor,if ur a bible student u wl nt accept dat divorce.

  2. I think this is happening now to open the eyes of those that had been ignorantly following them.”by their fruits you shall know them”you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

  3. Samuel,even the bible said if any part of your body will cause you to sin cut it off more over he was not the one that file for divorce so pls don’t judge cos u will be judge too

  4. I wish they are reading all these comment and see for themselves that they are already heading for doom. Let them watch out before they fall beyond rise. Money is not everything

    • every one should mind his or her tongue before they attract curse upon themselves. how dear you judge the man of God are you the one that called him. better be careful or else you see death around you.

  5. Dear pastor Chris,

    Please don’t play to the gallery of “fools paradise” these are trying times especially for Christians .

    Kindly allow divine wisdom to prevail in this divorce saga.

    In your statement you said ” I started Christ embassy long before i married my wife”

    I want you to know this fact though bitter but true…regardless of when & how you married your wife, the moment you are

    joined with her as husband & wife, she becomes part of you completely, respect should be accorded to her from & by your

    church members and associates as they would to you. In other words… She is you and you are her ( yoked as one mind)

    Your church elders should know this…..You should never allow anyone ( wether male or female ) member of the church

    take her place in your affair…your wife should be your next of kin as in, your best friend… is marital pyramid;

    Your love relationship is first to – GOD ( your creator) second is to – your WIFE OR HUSBAND ( your half) third is to –

    CHILDREN ( your off spring)

    And just to mention this by the way though, …I believe husband and wife should stay together as a family. I don’t

    subscribe to Christ embassy pastors being separated due to pastoring in different locations,..distance put serious strain on

    relationship ( even the healthiest ones). Remember sir, God is not author of confusion- He is a perfect and He love family

    We thank God for your lives and pray the good lord will speak peace to your hearts, heal your wounded hearts & restore

    your home. God bless you and your lovely wife…..we hope to see both of you back together again fulfilling God’s purpose

    For you & family.

    Stay focused in The Lord.

    God bless.

    • tks my sister for ur kind-id concern. The truth is that most women ‘re too sentimental. So when one is running a ministry like a business empire conflicts ‘re bound to come in. This is not being judgmental – but trying to learn something out of the whole mess. Respect to one’s spouse is sacrosanct in any set up but when it has to do with spiritual matters don’t dare present ur spouse in the position God’s has not assign for her otherwise the enemy will floor her before u know it. Check the BIBLE our perfect book: what role did Moses, Joshua, David, Elijah, Peter, John Paul etc wives occupy in their respective callings? For the fact that God has call u into the ministry does not mean ur wife is the assistant. In marriage term two equals to one. So two of them(husband & wife) occupies the PRESIDENT position of the ministry not President and Vice President. Also, ur counsel of living together is the KEY. I like ur description of ‘EVEN THE HEALTHIEST MARRIAGE’ can be affected with distance apart . However, nothing prayers cannot do lets continue to pray for Divine intervention.

  6. Is it bad if u pray for d ministry dat let Gods will be done?? some of u are talking trash.. u were not there, u only heard of d allegation.. y would u ask such question if he’s a real man of God?? did ur Bible tell u to judge? have u forgotten ” touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”?? only a mature Christian wld intercede with prayer nd nt with condemnation.. I REST MY CASE.. MAY GOD’S WILL BE DONE

    • Stop this touch not my anointed crap. You need to ask God to explain to you what that really meant. If you see pastors as the only anointed people by God then ebele.
      Its no news that they dont leave together for years. The man leaves in SA while wify is in London.
      Let this “anointed” man of God tell us the truth about this mess.

  7. this is all lies. just visited the website and there is nothing like that. even rev Anita, name is still thete. may God forgive the publisher.

  8. I have respect for pastor Chris, but what has happened now shows that no body is above mistake, and no one is righteous except God pronounces him to be so. I read pastor saying “my wife wants to take over the church I formed”. This shows that something is wrong somewhere. who is pastor Chris, and who is the wife Anita? Has the bible not said it that husband and wife are one and one body? If the wife wants to take over the church, where is she taking it to, where there is peace and love? So, I do not believe the pastor, because he has not said the truth yet. On the other hand, if the wife should divorce her husband on account of adultery, something is missing in her spiritual life and understanding, and as a human being let her remain chaste until she remarry if she has to divorce, otherwise her case will be worse in heaven more than the husband. This shows that what they preached is follow my words and not my did. This is very unfortunate. A good wife protects her marriage. May God forgive us. May be the wife thought the husband is above sin, and therefore left him in the hands of other ladies, while herself was roaming in the company of deceivers. What a shame? If pastor Chris should immediately replace the wife with another lady now, that means he has lost focus, and anything worse can creep in that may be more disastrous in his life or ministry. God forbid. May God Almighty shade His light on them to make amend before it is too late in Jesus name.

  9. This is a trying time for this family of God. Let Christians pray for them because no one is above mistake. It’s not time for mockery.

    • I’m glad the issue was cleared up thank God it wasn’t really a bad case. May God bless pastor Chris and May hE continue with the work of God One day things must work together for him. I just don’t want the break up for I loved it while they were together. I just pray that God brings them back together as husband and wife .i would love that very much

  10. To bad people take pleasure in reporting bad news. Sadly must of these stories are untrue. When you twist the truth for personal gain you will pay the price for it. The statement made here was not from Pastor Chris and this is not the first time we have heard and read such stupid stories. Be careful what you write.

  11. when satan is in the home trouble, trouble everywhere. before physical separation there have been spiritual separation that calls for restoration first with god before physical restoration of the marriage.just of the flesh is the brain behind this

  12. whoever wrote this is mad. a simple banner picture publicizing a worship channel is now the source of a baseless news. #junk journalism

  13. dear pastor chris. pls take ur time to seek GODs face for guidience and divine wisdom. dont agree to sign up the divorce papers. i think u should re organise ur timing. cos frm observation u dnt spend much time with ur family. pls remember dat u are not only a pastor but a father n a husband. send for ur wife to come over to the branch where u are pastoring. instaed of signing d divorce papers.

  14. Pastor Chris,
    Put your house in order and dont rubbish your wife the way it is reported. If what is reported is not true, then ignore it and do everything to put your house in order.
    After all that is where ministry starts.
    If i were you I would hand over the pulpit to some trusted fellow minister and then take time off to be reconciled to your wife.She and the children must be hurting; they need your ministry of love urgently.

  15. I hate the way most nigerians reason. Blinded by fake spirituality and unwarranted alligence to nonsense. Imagine ppl saying don’t judge them,When has telling the truth become judgement? This is why we are all in this deep shit that have engulfed the country. No one wants to talk the truth and those who have the courage are crucified on the altar of christianity and wrongly understood and quoted bible verses. Others say God should visit the family and restore the marriage…are sure that it is not God himself who wants to put an end to the marriage due to profanity of the marriage institution by the couples? Some things are to be tackled by man and not waiting for Gods intervention all the time. So many of these pastors are fake and the more u cover them the more injuries they cause to the society…sleeping around with single ladies and even married women and I hear pple say its a trying times and should be prayed for but if the same act is committed by a church member it becomes sin and attracts full condemnation

  16. I hate the way most nigerians reason. Blinded by fake spirituality and unwarranted alligence to nonsense. Imagine ppl saying don’t judge them,When has telling the truth becomes judgement? This is why we are all in this deep shit of looting,violence and unending corruption that have engulfed the country. No one wants to talk the truth and those who have the courage are crucified on the altar of christianity and wrongly understood and quoted bible verses. Others say God should visit the family and restore the marriage…are u sure that it is not God himself who wants to put an end to the marriage due to profanity of the marriage institution by the couple? Some
    things are to be tackled by man and not waiting for Gods intervention all the time. So many of these pastors are fake and the more u cover them the more injuries they cause to the society…sleeping around with single ladies and even married women and I hear pple say its a trying times and should be prayed for but if the same act is committed by a church member it becomes sin and attracts full condemnation. The earlier we start being objective about issues and facing them head on,the better for us. Don’t pray for evil,don’t pray for corrupt leader correct it and the society will be better for it. Kill them the way CHINA does and u’ll see us progressing

  17. God bless u sir. I pray for the good LORD to help your home now. And I pray for God to help you settle this and I pray for love and more grace to your marriage.I believe that there won’t be any divorce in Jesus name. It will all end in praise. There won’t be any divorce. The love of God will settle this for u family. Sir everytin will be fine.

  18. Pray for pastor chris pls. And be careful with what u hear and believe. The only time u can judge a human being is when u have been given a crown of rightheousness by JESUS. Pray for him pls. He’s very dear to us, and to God too, believe me. The devil doesn’t go after nobodys. Pls I beg all to pray for him. Remember the King of Kings when the woman caught in the act of adultery. He DIDN’T condemn her. If Jesus didn’t condemn her, u can’t speak against his servant. If u truly love him and love God, pray for him.

  19. Iyke, what if he didn’t commit adultery as has been alleged? And the word of God says that God hates divorce.(Malachi2:16) Iyke what do u consider as the truth- what u hear on the internet? If u are a bible scholar, pls go through the story of Job again. Job was Holy, but he suffered. Everyone except Job and God himself thought Job had sinned. I stand again to say no human has a right to speak against Pastor Chris or any other Man of God. This is for two reasons, first, 1 chronicles16:22 says “touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”. Pls God is fearfully biased for his prophets and his anointed. Secondly Read Numbers12: Mirian was turned leprous because she and aaron spoke against moses, after moses married the ethiopian woman, (against Gods command). Yet God supported moses by saying “Moses is FAITHFUL in all mine house” pls I want to say it again, God is fearfully biased for His anointed. If u have any grudges, leave him to the almighty, who created you and pastor chris. Don’t go into condemnation because of ur words. Thanks.

  20. We can all share our own few and opinions,but,the truth is that,only God knows the truth and fact. My prayer is that,may the lord restore both pastor Chris and pastor(mrs) Anita.

  21. Pst Chris is only trying to be controversial. He made Anita his vice president why is he talking about Anita is lording over the people she met in the ministry? To me, Pst Chris` claims are inconsequential. As a vice president, she is next in command. Let settle his home for the sake of his followers. He should not forget God is on the throne.

  22. Let’s beleived that Pastor chris never commit adultery but what about the seperation and not living together of the family. Let any man of God in the house testify if its biblical for family to live apart for such a longtime without any good justification.
    This is the sign of the end time.I keep saying this idea of everybody setting churches and run it like business empire is worrisome.what is more suprising is the pastors using the tith paid by members to buy jet and build schools even the church members’ children cannot attend.
    We should all open our eyes to realities and pray God to disgrace every fake pastor parading himself as man of God before he deceive very many of us.
    May God help us. Amen

  23. A SAINT is just a sinner who fell down but still got up. Don’t be fast to clap, laugh or mock a man who may have fallen from grace else your fall will be greater. Let the one whom he said called him be his judge & not mere mortals that are liable to thesame mistake. Marriages go through hard times but its outcome depends on the individuals involved.Pastor Chris & Anita were first MEN before they became of God (men of God) LET HIM THAT IS WITHOUT SIN BE THE FIRST TO CAST THE STONE.

  24. But it said in the bible that we should not devoice when either d husband or the wife is stil living.and it said , if that happened, let d devoiced man or d woman remained unmaried. But can either one of them can abide by this law? Bcos, they are still young & the power of the flesh controls the spiritual mind sometimes. There4, let them look before they leap in sake of acquiring heaven @ last.the spiritual law has no respecter of a man whether u a pastor or flour member.


  26. Pastor chris is truely a man of God,A man dat follows d footprint of Jesus Christ passionately,A man that live for Jesus day after Day.if u dislike him you dislike Jesus even jesus christ was sometime negatively talk about.b wise people

  27. Ah pastors are human,hello,not necessarily angels,. So they are fallible.. So even if they make mistakes they are still men of God,highly anointed,

    I say as husbands or wives we make mistakes but we are not disqualified.

    So even if men of God can make the so called mistakes they are still the chosen and anointed ones..I salute them.. And our God still identifies himself with us at our worst..

    So PS. Chris and other I love you..
    Forgive us Lord for our big mouth.

  28. when people talk here and there of wife, husband, subordination or hierarchy in earthly matters, it often beats my imagination how they think AS INTELLECTUAL MEN. Well one thing I have known from The Christ : NO WIFE NO HUSBAND IN HEAVEN!
    How mortal man has tyrannized The Supreme Immortal Divinity because of earthly matters!
    How ignorant man still live under the CURSE OF THE BIBLICAL GENESIS, never yearning and willing to return to THE ORIGIN via The Way: CHRIST.
    The fallen Man never longs to RISE!

  29. Pls why all of u people are judging the man of God’s. The thing that happen only God can Knows. What happen them so that thing will not be ur problem. Pls STOP. Discusing. PASTORS.

  30. hi guys please pray for the Pst he is facing a lot of things and those of you who are saying bad things about Pst Chris beware of the wrath of God we are all Christians. we are talking about a man who has the word of the lord please my friends don’t be a backbitter to Pst and his family. you should be a source of inspiration not a source of discouragement to him.
    Pst all is well with you
    the lord will see you through .
    I speak life into your house and ministry in Jesus name Amen.
    God bless you and your family.

  31. Peter according to the bible was the pope of the church, and the bible records that Jesus healed his mother inlaw; meaning that he had a wife. Now tell me, have you ever heard about pastor mrs peter?

  32. Do you remember what happened to Miriam when she gossiped Mosep with Aaron? she became leprose until she begged for forgive. Listen, when you are a leader, u hav lots of loads on your and people might not even understand you, but will rather critisize your decisions even when you heard from God. All he needs now is to be encouraged and prayers for more grace and not condemning him over what you think would hav been right for him to do. Finally, do you think the media gave the accurate information of what happen. WHEN YOU BECOME A LEADER; A POPULAR ONE FOR THAT MATTER, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND!!!

  33. Only God knows the truth of the matter. We did not marry Anita for pastor Chris. They know exactly precisely where the problem is…so we should stop concluding for the body can cpm in between husband and or he will n put shame at last. my little advice for u pastor is never u allow fame, wealth, beauty,popularity and intellegence to make u go astray.the bible says he that think he stand should take heed less he fall.God is not a respecter of any person. Fear God and kip his commandments, for thus is the whole duty of man.heaven is real and he’ll is warn b ware.



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