South South Elders Vow To Arrest Jonathan If …

The South-South Chiefs and Elders Council (SSCEC) International has vowed to arrest President Goodluck Jonathan if he fails to declare interest for second term in office.

The group disclosed this yesterday in Abuja, during a Grand endorsement of the President for second term in office and conferment of Transformation Excellence award on the Federal Ministry of Information and other outstanding Ministries.

Speaking on behalf of the council, the Executive Chairman, Ama-Opu Senibo of Opobo Kingdom, Chief Reuben Jaja said the programme was designed to showcase their support for the President for serving the country right and doing the people of the country proud.

He argued that the President reserved the right to seek a second term in office in view of his performance in the last four years in the areas of education, agriculture, transport, women affairs, entertainment and other critical sectors.


Consequently, Jaja further threatened that the Council would arrest the President and compel him to run for the 2015 general elections should he ignore their call.

“Our goal is to show support to our president who has served this country right. We feel that he is qualified to run by law and by way of performance. He is doing exceedingly well, we have seen tremendous progress in our education, agriculture, transport, women affairs, youth development and entertainment and the critical sectors of our economy,” Jaja said.


  1. Lunatic/disgruntled elders in fact they r all criminals. Cant dis old fools stop foolin themself around by tellin us wat we ev already knw dat their inept son jonadaft is very very poor in times of leadership. Under his watch dog half of borno state av bin taken over by bokoharam n is ther wasting time/money -in doin rally ontop of his incompetence he 4got dat if a leader has failed ind area of security den he has failed in all ramitifications. Is a badluck jonadaft indeed

  2. I hate it wen people address the best leader Nigerian has ever had with the term incompetency. You have all been fooled by Buhari and other northern leaders. They have made you to believe that the best is the worst and the most qualified is the least qualified. Keep getting fooled. But without much a-do,please tell me a country that has been under the stress that GEJ administration suffered and still exists till date. I have little or no words for you all. Make your choices in the next election and then, we will all suffer it together. I am just concerned. Be ready to be part of a nation in which your judicial system would be infilterated with a religious system of judicial. Where the voice of the evil have no choice than to be greater than the righteous

    • People could feed themselves,don’t say nothing how do u rule in a good way when his wife uneducated,Jonathan a week man,look no dog wen non dry eat cheat Jonathan too eat cheat,he almost collapsed Nigeria,and u tell me nonsense,even d dead knee that

  3. @onni my very gud brother its unfortunate dat u r in support of impunity/incompetence. N hw cnt u b given an xcuse 4 somebody dat cannot take responsibility of his duty most especially wen ther is strong evidence lik dis on ground yet dis insensitive govt is doin nothin abt it. Plis tink dnt let us b sentimental abt it security of our nation is very very important dan any other tin tribalism/emotion must not b allowed.

  4. GEJ have his limitations as a man. But he still remains the best president Nigeria has ever gotten without sentiment and ethnic boundaries. He has achieved more than any president even in the presence of insurgents… Though u still have the power to vote him in or out… Through ur PVC…

  5. What planet does that jaja and his kingdom come from? Look if u and your elders don’t hide yourself self u will get wait await u nonsense.u are proud of him cos he always pay homage,brought money to your kingdom,get lost


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