Taraba Power Tussle: ‘Suntai’s Associates Subjecting Him To Inhuman Treatment’

Danbaba Danfulani SuntaiA pressure group known as the Committee for Justice and Peace, has called for caution in the political drama currently unfolding in Taraba State, following what it called the “smuggling” of recuperating Governor Danbaba Suntai into the country on Saturday night.

Coordinator of the committee, Mr Ezekiel Tsokwa, made the remark at a press briefing in Abuja yesterday.

He said while the governor survived the plane crash, his state of health became a tool for political manipulation and intrigue for some politicians in the state.

Tsokwa said heartless politicians have turned a sad event into a weapon of politicking without caring about the safety and survival of Gov. Suntai.

“We have watched as the governor now helpless and unable to control his life is been tossed around and fast becoming an object of ridicule locally and internally”, he said.

“We believe the treatment the governor is being subjected to is inhuman and unexpected from those who claimed to be his friends”, he said, adding that on two occasions and against medical advice, a cabal had plucked Suntai from medical care to political parade.

Tsokwa lamented that on the first occasion, the whole world sadly laughed at the many stage shows all ending up proving more convincingly that the governor was unfit to lead after the October 25 plane crash in Yola.

The Coordinator said in view of current happenings, the body deemed it necessary to alert the public that the cabal has launched a new round of a destabilisation plot.

Suntai was flown back into the country on Saturday from the United Kingdom where he was undergoing medical check-up by a cabal consisting of powerful politicians from Taraba State with a view to maintaining their grip on power following plans by the state House of Assembly to constitute a medical team, on the request of the state executive council, to ascertain his true state of health.

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