Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Shaving A Girl’s Weave


“You don’t deserve this hair! “

A middle school teacher was allegedly arrested after shaving a girls head in the school parking lot. The 61-year old gym teacher is facing a charges of assault for his petty actions.

The alleged victim claims to have been bullied by him ever since she transferred into the school. “I’m only one out of a few black girls here. I was scared that he was going to hurt me and now I’m embarrassed by the whole school all because had a sew-in.”

Many parents were found at the scene but not one stood up for the poor pre-teen. According to officials, the teacher has been fired from the school. As a result the trifling teacher has filed a restraining order on the victim. 

The victim’s mother transferred her from the school immediately. Currently she is doing home schooling for the remainder of the school year.”I was heartbroken to know that my baby was assaulted. It’s only been about a few weeks since we moved into this area, I can’t just tell her to go back.”

I don’t see why it should be of anyone’s concern what women decide to do with their hair. Hair is so intimately tied to self-image that when weaves come off, women are literally stripping away some of their confidence. People have been manipulating their hair since the beginning of time. Some do take things to the extreme, but that’s their business.


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