This Man Could Get 196 Years in Prison For Stealing $180,000


Christopher Cain pleaded guilty to bank fraud in July and will be sentenced on the 2nd of October.

Christopher’s attorney stressed how much inside information he gave authorities, which included the names of 15 other people involved. One of the people Christopher named was his own family member.

Christopher also released the names of three people who make fake checks, according to his lawyer, Frank Himel.

Christopher Cain suffers from bipolar disorder and is a drug addict, according to his lawyer.

According to a sentencing memo filed Thursday, federal prosecutors said Cain should spend up to 96 years in prison.

Christopher, who has a tattoo of an ATM on his arm, used a friend to contact strangers on Facebook. Some people were actually gullible enough to fall for the trick in order to make a fast buck. Christopher would usual target college kids because most of them are in need of money.

Cain has been cracking cards for over two years, targeting college campuses, clubs, and concerts.

At one currency exchange on the South Side of Chicago, Christopher made more than 50 cash withdrawals, authorities said. During those transactions, he used cards belonging to over 49 people.

According to one investigator, over 1,000 young people have reported being a victim of “card cracking” over the past two years. Please share this article if you’re tired of seeing the “card crackers” on social media.