Tinubu ‘Black Scorpion’, Adekunle

Benjamin AdekunleA former governor of Lagos State and chieftain of All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has mourned the death of General Benjamin Adekunle, who died on Saturday morning in Lagos.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the ex-governor noted that Adekunle was a man of valour and unimaginable bravery.

“The Generalissimo has fallen. The Great General Benjamin Adekunle (Rtd.) has left this world and his departure saddens me greatly.

“The Civil War Hero was a Soldier’s Soldier. Lion-hearted and a leader of men. He served his Fatherland devotedly and without question when we most needed him.

“Like most great men, he was greatly misunderstood. His flamboyant and outspoken nature made him a colourful character. However, that never stopped him from emerging as one of the most remarkable icons in Nigeria’s military history.

“The ‘Black Scorpion’ was a man of uncommon intelligence and fierce determination. On the battle field, he had no equal. He represented the best generation of our military personnel. The ones who refused to back down from any enemy; who put their very existence on the line for our continued coexistence.

“Of all of Gen. Adekunle’s qualities, it is his loyalty to the flag that I most admire. He was a worthy ambassador of his people and a great example in service. He led from the front.

“Let it be said of Gen. Adekunle: ‘Here is a man who gave his country the best of his life’. May his warrior soul find rest. And I pray his wife family find the fortitude to bare the irreparable loss”, Tinubu stated.


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