Toke Makinwa Talks Getting Married Secretly, Why She Did It……..

Rhythm FM Oap/Trending Host, Toke Makinwa Ayida in a recent interview spoke about her marriage, her surprise wedding and getting paid to attend some events in Lagos.
Read excerpts below:
“To be honest with you, I thank God everyday for the kind of man that I married. I can’t take that for granted. Marriage is a big deal and I wish a lot of young people will take out time to really understand what marriage is all about. Even me, what do I know? I have only been in it for about 8 months but I thank God for the kind of person that he is. He is my support system. I think he kind of likes what I do. So he is one of my biggest fans. Even when I forget certain things, he is the one that is always pushing me, have you thought about this? What about doing this? Why don’t you try that? There is absolutely nothing that I can’t talk to him about. We are thinking of doing a lot of work together as well hopefully in 2015″
On why they chose a surprise wedding:
“To be honest with you, I can’t understand it myself. I think it happened the way it was meant to happen. If we didn’t do it this way, I don’t think it would have happened till now. There was so much surrounding Toke and Maje’s union”
On why she thinks people were interested in her personal life:
“I honestly don’t know. People seemed interested in it I guess. There was just so much of both of us out there. The bible says all things work together for all those that trust God. So at that point, for me, I could have broken up and living my life and I was ready to be single again and I woke up one morning again here I am, I am married. It happened the way it was supposed to happen. That is the only way we could have done it”
On not attending some functions with her husband:
“I think its all about putting things into compartments and properly compartmentalizing things because at the end of the day, he is an individual. He has his own life. He is loving what he does and I am loving what I do and it just works for both of us”
On how they balance their lives as a couple:
“It has always been our personalities. He is amazing. He is a reserved person. I am the feisty one. It works. We both can’t be out there. We both can’t have the personality that I have. He is much older than I am as well. We just laugh through everything that comes our way. There are times he follows me out. There are times he attends some events that I have to make an appearance at. There are times I literary have to beg him and he says you know what, just go. I am tired I just want to tap some football at home and I go and I come back. And we are always in communication. We are always talking.We are fine. It works for us” she said
On getting paid to attend some events:
“Attending events is part of work as well. I do get paid to attend some events. When you grow a brand and it becomes a solid brand, people will what to associate with that and if they have some products or services that they have that would align with your brand, they invite you to be part of it. Just like people feel like you been at certain evenyts might also add some glamour to it. I see it as work as well. I really don’t go out like that, in terms of having fun or chilling at home. I think I enjoy the fact that it’s a job and I am getting paid for it. I am the life of a party and that hasn’t changed. I love talking, I love to go out to listen to music and have a good time. That’s who I am and I am truly happy to be with someone who appreciates that part of me. He loves it so no problem” she said