Top 50 Brands In Nigeria Set To Be Unveiled

After a successful outing last year reaching over 32 countries across six continents, organisers of top 50 brands is set to unveil the 2014 edition.

“Our report has been viewed and downloaded across the world; we receive inquires from different countries and individuals on some of the companies that were reviewed and corporate Nigeria generally,” Taiwo Oluboyede, Project Coordinator, said.

He continued: “Nigeria is becoming more attractive to investors, hence the increase influx of multinational brands, so also, home grown. It therefore makes brand valuation, classification, and rating very important. A recent Wall Street journal commissioned research says Nigeria is top on the mind of investors in America and Europe, little wonder, people across the world are so interested in knowing about the top brands (companies) in Nigeria.

“At Top 50 Brands, we give value to the worth of a brand and we create an independent platform where people can access this information. While brand valuation is relatively new in Nigeria, people are getting to appreciate the fact that a healthy brand drives sales and quite a number of companies are now consciously taking steps to enhance their brand equity.”


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