US Launches ‘Think Again Turn Away’ Campaign To Discourage Foreigners From Joining ISIS

The US State Department has released a graphic video which mocks IS recruits, designed to discourage potential jihadists from joining the terrorist organisation.

The parody video, called ‘Think Again Turn Away’ was created by The Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications — a department led by Alberto Fernandez and established in 2010 to use social media as a tool against terrorist groups like al Qaeda and its affiliates.

It features graphic scenes showing whippings, crucifixions and suicide bombs that have been repackaged from original IS recordings. It also includes lines like “blowing up mosques!” and “crucifying and executing Muslims” in an attempt to take on IS in the social media space where it has been targeting recruits. It finishes with the line “Travel is inexpensive because you won’t need a return ticket”.

The campaign also has a Twitter account and Facebook page attached it posts news using #thinkagainturnaway to convince others not to be seduced by the brutal group.

The counterterrorism unit also uses Tumblr and YouTube to undermine terrorist messages.

“Our mission is to expose the facts about terrorists and their propaganda. Don’t be misled by those who break up families and destroy their true heritage,” the Facebook page states.