Veteran WWE Wrestler, Hulk Hogan Spotted In Mushin, Lagos State


Just a few days ago, I shared a photo with you of Nollywood actor and model IK Ogbonna and legendary WWF Wrestler Hulk Hogan posed together; I was stunned on how the two met each other, till now.

Apparently the superstar veteran WWF wrestler was spotted in Mushin, Lagos.

Pics of Hogan, 61, surfaced on the internet with the legendary fighter sitting on top of a police convoy in the Ladipo area of Mushin.

He’s probably here for some sort of media promotion idea…stay glued to this page for more details.

Check out the shots below: –





  1. …and why should the Nigerian Police operational vehicle become a mobile stage for this road show? This neo-colonial, self pity from us to white people would never leave us. Can the NPF ever released one of its vehicles to local sports man or woman or even a celebrity to used in this manner for any show promotion. Or better still can the security for in the country where these guys came subject their apparatus to this kind of humiliation? One is not against our security personnel. Providing escort or protection? But agbero style…it beats me hollow