Water Supply Has Improved From 58% To 67% In The Past 3 Years — Water Resources Minister

Access to potable water in Nigeria has increased from 58 percent to 67 percent within the last three years, Sarah Ochekpe, Minister of Water Resources has revealed.

“Before the inception of this administration, access to potable water was at 58 per cent, now access is at 67 per cent, while sanitation moved from 32 per cent to 41 per cent under the recent national assessment,” said Ochekpe at the ministerial platform in Abuja.

Speaking further on the activities of her ministry, Ochekpe said that the Federal government had approved the reorganisation of the River Basin Development Agencies (RBDAs) to make them responsive to their mandate and accelerate the vital role water plays in the socio-economic life and well being of the people.

“The RBDAs are strengthened for improved performance especially for grassroots development,” she said.

The federal government has shown commitment to the development of water resources in the country, Ochekpe said the government has intervened again, providing a total of 4,940 water supply facilities nationwide from 2010 to date.

She noted that out of this number, 4,099 newly constructed, mostly rural water facilities, and 143 rehabilitated facilities have been completed nationwide while work on 698 water supply projects are currently on-going in many States.

Although it is the primary responsibility of states and local governments to provide municipal and domestic water supply, the Federal Government intervenes however, so as to increase access and meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Vision 2020.


  1. Can the Minister name one of the new pipe she has laid since her inception? We know that all of you are there for what you can grab and not for the benefit of the masses. Very soon you will leave and posterity will judge all of you.