Yeezus cant teach? Kanye West forced to speak to students about his achievements and failures

Even Yeezus can be inspirational. Kanye West, who is currently serving his plea deal of 240 community service hours, spent around two hours speaking to 40 students from the digital communications department at LA Trade Technical College. He also spent time with troubled youth participating in a summer bridge programme.

He talked about his experiences and personal struggles in music, fashion and graphic arts, while stressing the importance of getting an education.

A student who was present at the session, Andre Pitts III, said the rapper ‘didn’t try’ to teach the students anything, but just shared his experiences.

 He said, ‘It went on for about an hour and a half and Kanye discussed a lot of things but mainly about his inspirations. He mentioned Ice Cube being one of his biggest inspirations, but also one of his biggest let downs. He also discussed Steve jobs, 2Pac and his grandfather. I’ve listened to Kanye since I was younger but I can’t rate him as a teacher because he didn’t come to teach a fashion class, he just spoke about his inspirations. He didn’t try to be a teacher, he simply spoke about how life really is.’

The visit is just one of the numerous Kanye West has made as a punishment for allegedly attacking a photographer last summer.

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