2015: Anyone From APC Can Beat Jonathan – Oyegun

Regardless of whoever emerges the flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the 2015 presidential election, the party stands a good chance of winning.

This assertion was made by Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, National President of the APC, as he noted on Monday that everyone who has signified interest in running for presidency on the platform of the party is capable of beating President Goodluck Jonathan or any candidate presented by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Oyegun, who spoke to Ijaw youths who declared support for the APC in Benin City, Edo State,

The APC National Chairman, who also decried the beating of judges in Ekiti State described the shameful occurrence as a sign that the nation was heading towards anarchy, saying it was the reason why he refused to personally attend the National Honours ceremony to receive his Commander of the Niger (CON) award. He said that the APC had however come to the rescue of Nigeria.

Oyegun also said that the APC has given all presidential aspirants in the party a level playing field and that the flag bearer may emerge from any region in the country.

“We don’t believe in forced consensus like the PDP has done by saying that Jonathan is its sole candidate.

“What the PDP did was a forced consensus. I want to challenge anybody to state when it was said that our presidential candidate must come from the North. We have interested persons from the southern part of this country. It is even the PDP that has decided where its candidate must come from. It has even debarred any other person from anywhere from raising his head to say he wants to be president.

“For us, it is an open field. Whoever wants to be president is free to come into the race. In fact, I wish every state can even have a presidential aspirant. The important thing is, so long as they all appreciate that at the end of the day only one person will be the candidate, they will all unite with that one person that emerges. That is what the APC represents and that is what is going to happen,” Oyegun said.


  1. That is bullshit! For now I still don’t know who can beat Jonathan. As far as we are concern, the best Presidential candidate we have now in Nigeria for 2015 election, is Jonathan. If not him, then tell me whov? Buhari, Atiku…. Lol

  2. Empty boast. Atiku.Buahari. Tinubu joined together failed in Ekiti. Double portions of failure comes 2015 general election then they will all died naturally and finally politically Nigeria shall from 2015 witness a long lasting peace.


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