2015: ‘If There’s Honest, Credible And Transparent Poll, Power Will Shift To The North’

ACF-chairmamA former Inspector General of Police (IGP) and Chairman of the pan-northern socio-political organization, Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Alhaji Ibrahim Ahmadu Coomassie, has expressed the optimism that power could shift to the North in 2015.

The ACF has been in the fore front of the agitation for power to return to the North following the death of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua in 2010.

Fielding question from newsmen in Katsina yesterday, Coomassie said the agitation for power shift to the North by 2015 was realizable, stressing that once there was credible election where people are allowed to freely choose who they want, power will shift from the South.

President Goodluck Jonathan, an Ijaw from South-South Nigeria, was sworn-in following the demise of Yar’Adua and after winning election in 2011, he is gearing up to seek re-election in alleged contravention of an agreement he purportedly entered into with some northern power brokers that he would not stay in office beyond 2015.

The ACF chairman pointed out that despite the fact that the North appears to be speaking with different voices, power may return to the zone.

“The North has always appeared to be in disarray but it is not. When the time comes, things will sort themselves out and the correct thing will be done. Democracy allows people to express their views but, eventually, the majority will carry the day”, Coomassie said.

He added: “If people want real change, they can always put their heads together. If we present a credible candidate and there is honest, credible and transparent election, the North can still win.”

“But the important thing is that people should be allowed to cast their votes and let their votes count. There should be no changing results to favour another candidate, let officials allow voting to take place as is done in civilized countries. If it is done, then we know the results will be credible and acceptable”.