Cameroonian Army Kill 107 Boko Haram Members As Nigeria Signs Ceasefire

While the Nigerian Army withdrew from the battlefield following a ceasefire deal signed with Boko Haram, the Cameroonian on Friday said it killed 107 fighters of the group.

According to the soldiers, who took on the insurgents in northern Cameroon, profound success was recorded.

According to reports, the Cameroonian defenceministry confirmed the development, but added that eight soldiers were also killed in the battle.


  1. BH’s lack of weapons and funds replenishment from GEJ has enhanced victory for Cameroon soldiers.
    Oritjeshafor’s plane belongs to GEJ. Its failures in SA has brought BH to a standstill which has made a ceasefire compelling because of shortages of weapons and funds.
    If SA hurriedly returns the $15m, it could be used by GEJ to acquire weapons for BH elsewhere to continue it’s terrorist action. SA shld please hold the money for a little while so that the Nigerian military could consolidate on the ceasefire.
    God’s punishment will soon catch them all, including Dokubo, as it happened to their friend, Mohammed Yusuf. May God bless the good people of SA, Cameroon and Nigeria.

  2. What a man can not do a woman will do it better than a man no time cameroon keep it up FIRE FOR FIRE has late Fale said that water no get Enemy and confusion break ball double wahalla for death body and the owner of death body