4 Steps to Keep Romance Alive in Your Marriage After Motherhood

4admin-ajaxMotherhood is the best thing that can ever happen to a woman. It completes you, and makes your relationship with your better half stronger. But, motherhood also increases your responsibilities, as it brings a twist to your lifestyle. This is the time when your child needs you, your partner needs you, and you need yourself too. So, whether you are a would-be mother or have already delivered your “bundle of joy”, here are some simple tips to help you enjoy a happy marriage after motherhood

1. Communication always work

Communication is the key to all happy marriages, especially after you become parents. Ask for support from your partner when you are going through the pregnancy, and communicate all your doubts and fears with him. It is best to communicate how you feel about everything, be it physical intimacy or the added responsibilities, and try to figure out a mid-way to save yourself from a distress.

2. Enjoy your New shape

During, and post-pregnancy your body will undergo a lot of changes. You might not be able to fit into your old clothes, or not find time to get back to your fitness regime. Get used to this new shape till it lasts, and enjoy your post-pregnancy life without feeling bad about it. You might be surprised to find out that even your better half would love your new shape, because it has a beautiful story behind it!

3. Nurture your child together

Why not be together while nurturing your child? It so happens that when you are balancing your child care and home duties, you would not be in a position to pay enough attention to your husband. Seek his help in balancing your life. He can take on certain responsibilities, like feeding the baby or maybe doing the dishes, whatever he is comfortable with. This would reduce your load, and give you more time for him.

4. Partner time

You have been on a date with your partner to many places outside, how about having a date at home? It would feel good, and you can even get intimate while at it. You can also build a routine of enjoying a cup of morning and evening tea together at your home, without any baby talk. Remember a couple of hours’ break from regular life can work well for a happy marriage after motherhood.

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