7 Cutest Ways To Say Sorry That Will Surely Melt Their Hearts

article-20141028612220444524000So, you had a tiff with your partner over a mistake and now things have taken a turn for the worse. You are no longer in talking terms with each other and this thing is killing you. You have even realised your mistake, but you are wondering how to apologise to your sweetheart. Does it all sound familiar?
Honestly, small disputes happen in every relationship, but admitting that you are wrong and saying sorry is an important step to make your relationship healthy and happy one. We know that apologies are difficult to express; but if you say sorry with these creative and effective ideas, your partner will definitely fall in love with you all over again.

#1. Desktop Love
Why not create a cute custom background for partner’s laptop or phone? Great idea, isn’t? Simply, hold a play card or a simple card saying “I am sorry” and snap a picture of yourself. If you can, then decorate the card with some cute pictures of both of you or some other artwork. And then, upload this image on your partner’s desktop, laptop or tablet and put it on sleep mode. Your partner will be definitely surprised to see your apology this way.

P.S.: Looking for something simpler? Put an “I’m sorry” wallpaper or screensaver on their laptop or phone, and let their anger melt away with your simple, sweet and heart-felt apology.

#2. Say it with food
Bake a cake and use frosting to write, “I am sorry” on the top. Now, nothing can be more sweet, romantic and cute than this. And, we are sure once your better half sees all the effort you have made, you will be forgiven.

P.S.: You can always cook their favourite meal and leave a small note attached to the plate saying, “I am sorry. I know I made a mistake. Let’s make up please.” And to make it more special, a candle light dinner with their favourite romantic track playing at the background will not be a bad idea.

#3. Sorry with chocolates
Nothing says “sorry” better than chocolates. Be it for the men or the ladies, chocolates are a sheer nirvana for everyone with a sweet-tooth. Either get chocolates customised to spell out the words “Sorry” or use chocolate syrup to write “I’m Sorry”.

P.S.: Instead of chocolates, you can always get some customised cupcakes made for them that will turn the bitterness in your relationship instantly with their sweet flavours. Make sure you get the cupcakes customised in their favourite flavours.

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#4. Go on record
Make a special audio recording for your special one. Start that with a small sorry message. Say that you are sorry and you will take care of such things in the future. Say that you want to relive the old moments with them and how much you love them. Along with that add a few apology songs. And, then you can add few songs which are your partner’s favourite.

P.S.: You can also make a video CD, where you can add some photographs of your special moments. You can also shoot the video at a special place, say where you first met or where you went on date or your home, etc. End the video with your sorry message. Either way your partner will definitely be charmed with your efforts.

#5. Write for them
You can always write a poem and leave it on the desk, or kitchen table or any other place which they always use. Be sure your poetry rhymes. And when you see them smiling, come out and say sorry to them. Bending down on your knees will not be a bad idea.

P.S.: Instead of going for a serious poem, use your charm to write a funny one. And, hear them laugh their way to forgiveness.

#6. Inflate the apology
Carry heart shaped balloons, saying “I am sorry”, some chocolates and knock on the door. When your partner opens the door, bend down on your knees, look over at them with puppy dog eyes and ask for his/her apology. You just can’t go wrong with this one.

#7. Cute stuff
Guys, here is something special that will fill your lady’s heart with forgiveness and love- “I’m Sorry” teddy bear! Though slightly cliché, yet a cute stuff toy is a great way to win back your sweetheart’s love and apologise in the cutest way possible.

P.S.: You can get the stuff toy customised with a special message or your loved ones name. Or, you can just buy an “I love You” teddy bear, and stick an “I’m Sorry” note on it with a sad emoticon.

No matter how small or big a dispute is, saying sorry can always bridge that vacant hole. But be sure that you mean it when you say sorry to your partner. So, what are you waiting for, say sorry to your loved ones right now with these cute tips and woo them back again. And don’t forget to share your experience with us

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