Top-9 Questions Not To Ask In An Interview

There are plenty of things one should never say during a job interview. It doesn’t matter how much do you want to tell your interviewer. Saying a wrong word can easily reject your name from the list of potential candidates.


So here is a list of ‘No’ during your job interview.

1. “How much will my salary be?”

You shall not be the first person to ask about the salary. If your interviewer ask about the desired level, then you can say. But if you ask it first, they might think that money is the only thing you think about.

2. “My previous boss was a bad person.”

Your future employers are likely to contact your previous colleagues. And this can turn out as a bad thing.

3. “I will have your job.”

This is the worst answer on the question about where you see yourself in 5 years. You should be confident, but try to avoid some cocky statements.

4. “I don’t like my job.”

This is a popular option for a response to a question like why are you looking for a new job. The better option is to tell why you are applying for this position and what you have learned at your previous position.

5. “You are so nice!”

Skip all the compliments. Even if your job interviewer is Mercy Johnson! No matter how stunning your interviewer is keep your comments with yourself, as they could be interpreted as flirtatious.

6. “I have no weak points.”

Be prepared to say at least something about your weaknesses. But be careful, as some jobs do not allow such qualities at all. One of the options is to tell about some weakness that you once had, but improved.

7. “I need to work from home and a lot of vacations.”

Keep these question till time you are proposed with the position. It is better not to ask about these issues during the very first interview. Remember about your personal motivation and working ethics.

8. “You should better hire me, because I am the best!”

You can’t say such things. You didn’t meet all the candidates. Too much confidence is a bad sign.

9. “I don’t have any questions.”

Prepare some questions to ask. For example, you may ask what the interviewer loves most about working in that company. Or do a little company research and ask something about it.

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  • The writeup is quite informative. Thumb’s up for the writer; even though I suggest that the heading be changed as it is evident that only the first point is a question.

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