A Domain investor makes $200,000 off his site, Ebola.com


People seem to make mad money off the weirdest things these days.

As terrible as Ebola virus disease might be, somebody has profited from it in a big way.

An unnamed internet real estate entrepreneur, who held on to Ebola.com for six years, has reportedly sold it for a whopping $200,000.

The domain, which was originally owned by two Las Vegas entrepreneurs, Chris Hood and Jon Schultz has been sold toWeed Growth Fund, a company registered in Russia.

As part of the agreement, Schultz and Hood received 19,192 shares in Cannabis Sativa, Inc., a marijuana company owned by former New Mexico governor, Gary Johnson. Johnson – who is one of America’s highest-profile activists for decriminalization of marijuana, told the Albuquerque Journal that more research should be conducted into whether cannabis compounds can help fight Ebola.

But the answers to Ebola treatment likely lie with drugs that are less profitable than marijuana.

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