African China Reveals Why He Is Set To Change His Music Style

Nigerian singer, African China revealed in a recent interview why he has not been churning out hits like he used to years back.
He said:

You know when I dropped Anuboko, someone was like ‘haba! We are tired of this killing thing. Just give us something like sip champagne and drink mowet. I didn’t reply him but unluckily for him, one of my fans did by telling him that he should shut his mouth because Anuboko is talking about issues that are happening today in our country so why is he asking for  champagne and mowet. Initially the song was entitled Boko Haram but we had issues with the title so we have to change it to Anuboko because the promo was not working out. However, the lyrics remain the same.

Well, I am just going to be doing some experimental on my new singles like the new stuff you call new school; I mean what the youth are used to now which is champagne and mowet (Laughter) oh yes! However you will still get that raw African China feel of old.

On his regrets
I have to be honest with you, life was very rough and tough for my family. I didn’t grow up like a normal kid. I am not one of those who can proudly say that he went to school. In fact, I have never been in a private school. I was a pupil in schools like elementary or Akara School. Then we carried something like a piece of flat wood called slate and played all day. I am not proud of the fact that I never went to a proper school. However, on the flip side that has contributed in making me who I am today; it has made me a stronger person. The reason why I am saying I am not proud of it is because I need to send a message to others leaving in the same conditions today. I want them to know that they need to hustle and get out of that life by getting an education. That is what I mean when I say I am not really proud of my past life. However I am proud of who I am today and what life has thought me.
Culled from the SUN.


  1. The fact remain unchange as he has said he is nobody from grassroot level and willing to advice based on his experience.
    nice word for the bitter experience which you turn to advice. African china


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