APC: Fayose, Supporters Plotting Fresh Round Of Violence In Ekiti

apc-logoFollowing the spate of physical attacks on judicial officials in Ekiti State, and arsonist attacks on the secretariat of the All Progressives Congress, APC, by alleged supporters of the state’s governor-elect, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, the APC has accused the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, of planning a fresh round of violence in the state.

The Publicity Secretary of the APC in the state, Taiwo Olatubosun, in a statement on Tuesday, alleged that the planned insurrection was aimed at intimidating the residents of the state and subverting the decision of the governorship election tribunal towards the October 16 handover date.

The tribunal is expected to rule on the eligibility of Mr. Fayose to contest the June 21 gubernatorial election which he won following his impeachment from office on allegation of corruption in 2006.

“We have our facts that beginning from tomorrow, Wednesday, October 8, 2014, Fayose and the PDP leadership will take to the streets again to foment trouble, using some thugs brought in from the neighbouring state and Ibadan”, said Mr. Olatubosun.

“The plan was hatched in a meeting held at the Spotless Hotel belonging to the governor-elect. Barring a last minute change of heart, they will start another round of protest and attacks on opposition leaders in the state capital to prevent the Judiciary of smooth dispensation of the cases before it following the resolution of NJC”.

Describing the plan as “anti-democratic”, Mr. Olatubosun said the “clandestine” move showed that the governor-elect was proving to be above the law.

“There are provisions in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria that qualifies one to vote and be voted for. The issue of election is not complete until the election tribunal dispenses all the cases or petitions emanating from such election or electoral process”, he said.

Mr. Olatubosun said the APC was not perturbed by the threat, adding that his party’s only worry is that supporters of Mr. Fayose and the PDP usually resorted to unleashing mayhem in their bid to take over by force, thereby, giving the state a bad reputation.

He warned that the state may be heading for “a session of one week one trouble”.

“We have it on good authority that anytime from now, Fayose and his PDP goons would start causing civil unrest in our state. We have it on good authority that they have been importing new set of thugs into the state to harass innocent people. We have it on good authority that they have been inciting some people to start protesting against the system”. he said.

He wondered why Mr. Fayose was worried and resorting to violence if he had the legitimate right to be governor.

He called on the people of the state to give peace a chance and allow things be done “legally and orderly”.

“Even Fayose should realise that whatever action he is taking today will become a sword in the hands of his perceived followers tomorrow when they are tired of his usual high-handedness. The earlier he follows the path of honour to power, the better”, the statement said.

Olatubosun said the APC would not allow itself to be dragged into a campaign of violence but allow for the issue to be resolved via the court.

“No one can build legality on illegality. If they have nothing to hide, they should go through the legal hurdles and come out clean. Then and only then can they reign in peace”, he said.

The state APC spokesman, therefore, called on security agencies to be alive to their responsibilities and make sure that peace reigned in Ekiti.


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