Are You Really Ready About This “Married” Life? Read This…..

It seems as though a large majority of married folks aren’t really prepared or equipped with all of the tools needed to be successful in love. It’s obvious, in most cases, they aren’t particularly ready for all the responsibility that comes along with being married.

Prior to saying “I Do” there should be a checklist that every future husband and wife must review, consider and adhere to.

It’s easy to think love is enough to carry a couple through the difficulties and the emotions that surface as a result of life. Truth be told, overcoming the trials of relationships is the true test of being about this married life.

In case you’re wondering if you’re about this life, let’s examine what it actually requires.

Love is the beginning but is better when partnered with a few other actions. Those additional actions are what makes or breaks a couple. Telling the truth in a way that is loving and respectful is sometimes hard for couples to do. We withhold our true feelings, thinking it will benefit the relationship, not realizing it’s more damaging to keep it to ourselves. Those feelings usually come out and can be a lot worse because we’ve held on to them for so long.

Being gentle with our words is also necessary. There is always a better way to have even the most difficult conversations with our spouse. Have you noticed how no one listens when they are being disrespected or yelled at? I know I personally check out whenever I encounter someone who doesn’t know how to deal with people. We are all pretty much wired the same. We have feelings and emotions and appreciate when they are considered.

Our attention is needed even when we don’t feel like giving it. Displaying our love with words and how we treat our partner, is what marriage is all about. We must find a way to creatively express this level of love and commitment.

Laziness will ruin a relationship. We have to muster up the energy to be present in our marriage. Being too tired for intimacy, dating and just overall interactions with our spouse is a no-go in a partnership. Examining other options like taking vitamins, getting rest and meditating are perfect ways to rejuvenate. If we don’t take care of ourselves we won’t be any good to anyone else.

Thinking about this “married” life reminds us of what’s needed to maintain it. Couples have to go beyond the titles of husband and wife to the actions that make a marriage work. It’s all about commitment.




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